23 October 2016

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The procedure of the law on lustration

Pavel PETRENKO, Minister of justice of Ukraine. East + West Lustration and anticorruption: or will live in a new state system? Last week entered into force the law "About the cleansing power", also by the deputies of the Parliament adopted an anti-corruption package. The government and the vertical line of presidential administrations began lustration in their ranks and reported about it, also, at the end of the week - elections, and all it gives to the people of Ukraine hopes that the corrupt system of power in Ukraine, in the end, will change. What's new - this was the campaign slogan of President Poroshenko to live not only ordinary people, taxpayers, and the state system. And how these hopes are justified? As corrupt and greedy for power and money, the criminals will bypass the new legislation? Where can we get honest professionals to replace the dismissed corrupt and complicit in the crimes of Yanukovych? Will the current lustration of indulgence for those who would be deprived of the right to power 10 years ago - after the victory of the orange revolution - that is, kocsistem?

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