24 October 2016

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Refugees. Ukraine joined the company States, where peaceful people forced to leave their homes

From the occupied Putin's Russia to the Crimea, from the Donbass, where the Kremlin hands of the armed and well equipped terrorists leads undeclared war with Ukrainians, people are running.

Most are looking for themselves and their temporary home in the capital, in the Center and West of the country, there are those who leave Ukraine.

anyway, all they are our countrymen by force of circumstances became refugees - face common problems. How to find a roof over your head? Where to get medical, psychological, legal assistance? How to make a living, whom and how to find a job? In what a way to continue to receive social benefits and public assistance?

now Ukraine for the first time in its history, is trying to build at least some of the state policy towards refugees-citizens. As it turns out from the state? What this policy should be? How the state and caring Ukrainians should care for those who were in trouble?

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