Special ISSUE: Ukrainian captives

00:00, 18 July 2014

special issue of the program on July 17 - the situation with the Ukrainian hostages: military, simple people, captured by terrorists, prisoners of conscience, which is totally illegal holding in custody of the state of Russia. In the last days a lot of talk about the Ukrainian lucicu Hope Savchenko, which captured terrorists and which suddenly appeared on the dock of the Russian court in Voronezh, also write a lot about Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who lived in the Crimea, now occupied by the Russian invaders, refused to receive a Russian passport and recognize the annexation of the Peninsula Russia, for which he received the charges of terrorism. However, in fact, in the clutches of the terrorists and the Russian security services unspecified number of Ukrainian military, journalists or just generally inhabitants of the zone of ATU, which were unlucky to become captives of the executioners-terrorists from extremist groups LNB, DND and the FSB. Numerous reports of journalists who have been in captivity bandits, the stories of those who were lucky enough to escape from captivity of scoundrels and stories of people who bought their relatives from the cellars of terrorists, indicate that those who have fallen into the hands of criminals, a terrible fate awaits cruel treatment, torture, hunger, lack of medical and legal aid, and, alas, often - death at the hands of the bloody sadists. What will happen with the Ukrainian hostages? What the state should do to bring them freedom, or at least, as to facilitate their fate in captivity, and is it at all possible? Than the world can help us in this situation? Experts: Yuriy STETS, MP ("Fatherland"), member of the Committee on freedom of speech and information, chief information security of the National guard of Ukraine Alexander ZADOROZHNY, President of the Association of international law of Ukraine Andrew SIBIGA, Director of the Department of consular service of the MFA Alexander PASTUSHENKO, NGO "the Officer corps" Vera SAVCHENKO, sister Ukrainian pilots Hope Savchenko Skype: Nikolay YAKUBOVICH, a liberated hostage, a resident of Makeyevka. Held in captivity terrorists 4 days Natalia BUDIK, wife hostage. Husband Natalia contained in captivity in Gorlovka for more than a month Sergei NIKITIN, head of the Moscow branch pravozahystu organization "Amnesty international" (Russia) Andrei PIONTKOVSKY, a Russian political scientist and dissident (Russia).

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