East + West. As will rebuild the Donbass?

03:00, 15 August 2014

Experts: Egor FIRSOV, MP (political party "Udar", a native of Donbass). Yuri MIKHALCHISHIN, MP (Svoboda), member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on budget issues Alexey DANILOV, 2005 - Chairman of the Luhansk regional state administration. Vladimir VASILENKO, a lawyer. In the 2000 data representative of Ukraine to the UN Council on human rights and the judge of the International Tribunal for Yugoslavia. Sergey DYATLENKO, Deputy Director of the Department of General secondary and pre-school education of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine Dmitry SNEGIREV, public activist from Lugansk, co-chair of the public initiative "Right right". Skype: Elena POPOVICI, temporary resettled and volunteer from Donetsk. ATO will end with the victory of the forces of Ukraine, we are not in doubt. But after this undeclared war of Russia and the Russian terror against the Ukrainian people, and against Donbass in particular, in many cities of the East, destroyed infrastructure, destroyed or damaged power plants, industrial plants, highways, bridges, roads, hospitals, schools and kindergartens... People have nowhere to live, no place to work, a lot of mines stopped and flooded with water. How to deal with it? How to provide housing and jobs to thousands of residents of Donbas after ATO? Who is all going to pay?

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