O. Dvoretskaya: "On the problems of the passports of the Crimeans"

03:00, 25 September 2014

Alexander DVORETSKAYA, pravozahisnik, coordinator of the Crimean pravozascitnogo center "Action. East + West the Crimea. Six months into the occupation. The days have in Ukraine is kind of sad date. Six months ago, in the Crimea, Ukraine, was held the infamous pseudoreference, using as a pretext, Russia announced the annexation of the Peninsula. The world did not recognize this infamous "Anschluss", but this did not deter the Kremlin from the illegal conduct of the elections on the Peninsula and the formation of an illegitimate occupying power institutions. Human rights activists have noted numerous violations of human rights in the Crimea, a self-appointed Prosecutor of the Peninsula declared war against the indigenous inhabitants of the land, the Tatars. And so far, Ukraine powerless, and unable to effectively protect its citizens who find themselves on the other side of the isthmus. But what Ukraine is doing that? How live Crimeans, and what they think about the state that does not recognize their forced off? What are the prospects occupied the Crimea, and when this occupation can end?

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