Returning home: how to arrange a peaceful life veterans ATO?

03:00, 10 October 2014

East + West Returning home: how to arrange a peaceful life veterans ATO for several weeks in a row, Ukraine tries to enforce the ceasefire in the East. The truce is violated Pro-Russian separatists and Russian, however, the intensity of the fighting subsides. On the one hand, this allows our troops to carry out the rotation of military units involved in ATO, on the other, a shaky truce, together with the approaching cold weather, gives little hope for the collapse of the conflict and the gradual return of the state to civilian life. But what will this peaceful life for veterans, those who have seen the death of fellow brethren on the battlefield who have paid their health for freedom of the Ukrainian people? How Ukraine - the state and society should care about the adaptation of Ukrainian heroes, than we all have them populate, what they need first of all the people who through the fighting has lost his job or psychological balance, peace of mind? What the government already does for young veterans of the liberation war? Guests and experts: Vitaliy ANDRONATI, Colonel of medical service, Director of the Military medical Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Yuri GRINENKO, Director of the Ukrainian state medical-social center veterans Affairs Ministry of health of Ukraine, head of the working group on elaboration of the state program of rehabilitation for military personnel Arthur DEREVYANKO, head of the State service of Ukraine on matters of war veterans and members of ATU Victoria KOCHUBEY, coordinator of support bereaved families TH "Psychological crisis service" Natalia VORONKOVA, coordinator of Volunteer hundreds" Taras KOSTASCHUK, commander of the 1st company of the battalion of special forces "Donbass".

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