New Happy to work with new people who were elected in the old way?

03:00, 31 October 2014

East + West Happy New: to work in a new way the people who were elected in the old way? coming to the end of the counting of the votes, which gave the Ukrainians in the parliamentary elections of 2014. We can already state that won the melody - at least if we talk about multi-member constituency - Pro-European political forces, the forces that call themselves democratic, the forces that openly supported Euromayday, and, subsequently, the Revolution of Dignity, those party brands that at last the government has declared itself as the opposition to the ruling regime. However, with all this, unfortunately, the methods that were fought election campaign, attempts to interfere in the electoral process, in particular, the counting of votes, scandals and attempts by some politicians and parties to appeal published the results of the popular consultation, not much was different, and in some places were even worse than the typical traits of election campaigns during Yanukovych and Family. Why did it happen? Whether the new Parliament, elected in war and not always fair political competition under the old law, to become better, more productive, more Patriotic for the previous? What can the newly elected MPs and their party leaders to ensure that the process to create a parliamentary coalition was not a repetition of the sad lesson of 2006 year? Over akimi laws in the first place will work new parliamentarians? Guests and experts: Oleksandr CHERNENKO, the candidate for people's deputies (party Bloc Petro Poroshenko) Sergey VYSOTSKY, the candidate for people's deputies (political party "national front") Victoria WOJCICKI, the candidate for people's deputies (political party "unity of "self-Help") Igor LUTSENKO, the candidate for people's deputies (political party all-Ukrainian Union "Batkivshchyna") Natalia LINNIK, Deputy Director General of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Alexander KLUYEV, an analyst of the civil network "OPORA"

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