The right to separatism

00:00, 24 April 2014

People who capture administrative in Donbas, who are they? Terrorists or citizens who want to bring to power its position? Russian flags on administrative buildings is high treason or the implementation of the right to self-determination?

What Ukraine has to do with Ukrainians who call upon the army of a neighboring state to help? Differ - and the seizure of administrative buildings in Kyiv during the Revolution Dignity and shaped the current shares in Donbass?

is it possible to say that for the instigators of the Pro-Russian shares on the East of the country needs a law on Amnesty or decriminalization is similar to the one that was passed against activists Bromide?..


Yuri SIROTJUK, MP, "Svoboda";

Vladyslav LUKYANOV, MP, Party of Regions;

Vladimir PARASYUK, the centurion self-defense Maidan;

Stepan HAVRYSH, first Deputy Secretary of the NSDC (2008-2011);

Denis PUSHILIN, the head of government "of the Donetsk national Republic" - Skype.

and Alexey GONCHARENKO, ex-Deputy Chairman of Odessa regional Council - Skype

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