The anniversary of the Revolution: how and why a year ago, people all over Ukraine came to Euromayday

03:00, 21 November 2014

November 21, 2013 the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov at a session of the government announced that Ukraine was suspending preparations for signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. For a week at a summit in Vilnius, where it was planned to sign the historic document, currently recognized as a criminal, former President Yanukovych refused on behalf of our state to put the signature under the Agreement, to which the country has been under way for several years. at the same time, 21 November, not satisfied with the decision of Ukrainian authorities, people gathered in Kiev to protest, which later grew into a real revolution. Unique in many ways the phenomenon that someone calls Bromides who prefer pain pretentious phrase - Revolution Dignity - ended flight from the Ukraine team state criminals that forever tarnished their names in history, led by Viktor Yanukovych. We all remember what was the Maidan in Kyiv, and can, with the help of the archives of the media, it is easy to restore the course of revolutionary struggles in the capital. But whether well do we know which way were social activists, supporters of European integration and opponents of dictatorship, corruption and the Yanukovych government in the regions? Especially in the large cities, where the electoral moods traditionally been on the side of the Party of Regions and integration moods tended to the East, to the Customs Union and Russia? As it was a year ago, to stand by one soldier in the field, what trials experienced by those who went on Bramidan on the East and South of Ukraine, in the Crimea? Our guests, which will help us to recreate the events of Bromide in the regions are: Andrey SECON, coordinator of the Crimean Bromide. Together with another activist was abducted by defense Aksenova and held in captivity for several days, was wounded. Now lives in Kiev. Denis KAZAN, activist Donetsk Bromide Victor ROMANENKO, coordinator of Dnipropetrovsk Bromide IVANOV, the organizer of Lugansk Bromide Alex TROUBLE, the organizer of Lugansk Bromide, one of the leaders of the Civil sector of Lugansk. In early may, Alexei with a colleague separatists kidnapped and was detained for some days in captivity, in the building of the SBU. Via Skype will also join: Zoe KAZANZHI, Deputy Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration, activist Odessa Bromide Dmytro PYLYPETS, coordinator of Kharkiv Bromide. At the end of December, in the midst of the events suffered a knife attack by "unidentified persons", was severely wounded

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