The year of revolution. Heavenly Hundred

03:00, 05 December 2014

the year of the revolution. the Fifth programme cycle, Friday, 5 December, 18:30 Heavenly Hundred. 106 people were killed during protests in Central Kiev and other regions, shot by snipers, whose names are still unknown to society, scored at the death of the so-called tsuchimi or sadists in police uniform. After the flight of Yanukovych was known about 98 names of the heroes of the Celestial Hundreds who left us in this world, giving us freedom, another 8 people in the next two months were dying in hospitals due to injuries incompatible with life. We do not have the right to never forget their names. The names of all 106 characters. In this program we will try to find out how the investigation is terrible in the modern history of Ukraine - crimes, learn how to continue to live the relatives of the victims, remember, under the bullets tried to save those who could be saved, doctors Maidan. Actors: Vladimir Bondarchuk, the son of the Hero of the Heavenly hundreds of Sergei Bondarchuk; Natalia Boyko, the wife of the hero of the Heavenly hundreds of Vladimir Boniva; Olga Bogomolets, the chief medical officer Bromido, now - people's Deputy of Ukraine; Vitaliy Tekac, the lawyer of the families of "HEAVENLY HUNDREDS"; Alexander Labetski, Chairman of the Public organization of the Ukrainian Union activists of Maidan "Unconquered", on the square he was wounded; Basil Galamay, an activist of the "unconquered", also received severe injuries on the Maidan in Kiev.

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