The year of revolution. Missing during Bromido

03:00, 05 December 2014

the year of the revolution. the Sixth programme cycle, Saturday, 6 December, 18:30 the Final part of the project, talk about those participants of the Maidan, whose fate is to this day unknown. According to various estimates, about 80 people during Bromido missing. We don't know what happened to them, don't know if they are alive at all, or how they died. Officially the police insist that the missing people in the Revolution of Dignity is not. As for the ones who, according to police, did not exist at all? Actors: Nazarius boyar, the coordinator of the group "Euromayday-SOS; Hope Drugova, activist "Search initiatives Maidan"; Valery Patskan, MP of Ukraine; Igor Lutsenko MP (during the Maidan was stolen).

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