The project "election Day: results". the results of the International exit poll

03:00, 27 October 2014

October 26, immediately after the polls close at UNIAN will start the project "election Day: results". the Main event of the project results International exit poll, sponsored by the 4 partners: Government of Canada, the Sociological group "Rating" (Ukraine), Baltic Surveys/The Gallup Organization (Lithuania), with the support of the International Republican Institute, The International Republican Institute - IRI). The method of data collection allows you to review the information and provide the final results of the exit poll immediately after the closure of polling stations. The survey will be conducted in all regions of Ukraine, except Crimea. The results of the exit poll will be released at 20:01, they will show what political parties are in the future composition of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine. In addition, we will demonstrate: - the Level of support for political forces in the regions of Ukraine, namely: in each of the regions party - winner and ratings of other parties; - the Level of support for parties among different demographic groups, namely: who is more supported Ukrainian women, who were picked men, what political force most sympathetic to young people who are most trusted by the older generation and more; - the Structure of voters major parties. It is expected that the exit floors will be covered by not less than 330 sites, a sample of approximately 20,000 respondents (depending on turnout). Valid Ukr. the original results: for large values of not more than 1.5%, for small - no more than 1%. Polling stations for voting randomly selected from the principle of uniformity. Respondents in areas selected in accordance with step, which is unchanged during the entire election day. The anonymous surveys, respondents fill out self-administered questionnaires (bulletins) and dipped in specially made boxes. Just on the exit box will run about 1000 interviewers and other professionals. The results of an International poll-present: Igor Tishchenko/Igor Tyshchenko, the founder of the Sociological group "Rating", Rating Group Ukraine); Race Alishauskene/Rasa Alisauskiene, Director, Baltic Surveys / The Gallup Organization (Lithuania). It is expected the participation of the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine Novel Vashchuk/Roman Waschuk, which will deliver a speech before the announcement of the results of the exit poll, organized by the Government of Canada (at approximately 19:50).

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