Public control prevent the usurpation of power and corruption

03:00, 19 November 2014

Press conference on the theme: "Public control prevent the usurpation of power and corruption." Participants: Taras Kostaschuk, the squad leader of the 1st company of the battalion of special forces Donbass National guard of Ukraine, head of the NGO "Military-Patriotic Union of members of ATU Justice; representatives GUO ITO ATO "Justice". Question: controlling the activities of the legislative, Executive and judicial branches of government; How to force officials to perform their duties in accordance with applicable law in the interests of the state and the Ukrainian people? To prevent the usurpation of power and control of criminal corruption system? How to protect citizens from corrupt officials, embezzlers and thieves? The situation in the Ukrainian army and machardie. The causes of the tragedy under Loviska.

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