Ukrainian Circus on the verge of destruction

03:00, 23 December 2014

Press conference of Directors of the state circus enterprises of Ukraine on amendments to the draft law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Budget code of Ukraine (concerning the reform of intergovernmental fiscal relations) No. 5078 from 15.09.2014 year. According to these changes in next year's state circus enterprises of Ukraine plans to change the subordination of local authorities. This can lead to the destruction of the circus industry of Ukraine and, as a consequence, lead to the possible privatization of the state circus enterprises of Ukraine. Circus industry of Ukraine is a single organism that is associated with the simultaneous activity of all state circus enterprises, thanks to this combination works circus pipeline. This organic combination gives the opportunity to direct the processes of revival, the emergence and further development of the Ukrainian Circus as a whole. This phenomenon does not exist in any country of the world. Spraying circus industry will lead to the complete destruction of the country of such phenomena as the circus arts. It looks threat, despite constant attempts to pick up buildings circuses and hostels, which are located in Central areas of cities of Ukraine. Also the subordination of local authorities will complicate the exchange of programs between the state circuses and will make it possible misuse of premises and lands belonging to the state circus enterprises. In addition, the real threats are rampant job losses artists; Ukraine will no longer be able to be represented at the international circus festivals, numerous circus studios across the country, which involved thousands of Ukrainian children will disappear; the Ukrainian children will remain without favorite performances of the circus. Actors: Lyudmila Shevchenko, gene. Director-artistic Director of the state enterprise "national circus of Ukraine, people's artist of Ukraine and the USSR; Paul Knish, Director, artistic Director of the state enterprise "Directorate traveling circus of Ukraine, Honored artist of Ukraine; Sergey Kabakov, gene.Director of SE "Krivoy Rog state circus; Alexey Janicki, C. O. gene.Director, artistic Director of the state enterprise "Kharkov state circus", the Honored worker of arts of Ukraine; Roman Zdrenik, Deputy Director of the state enterprise "Lviv state circus."

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