Activists from Krivoy Rog accused the mayor and his team in the neglect of the interests of society

03:00, 21 January 2015

Press conference on the theme: "the Maidan in Krivoy Rog: the company goes into action in the struggle against the criminal regime "second Yanukovych" the mayor". The situation that has developed in one of the major industrial centers of Ukraine reminds the rendezvous. Now, in January 2015, is in Krivoy Rog?! Tyranny of the mayor, prosperity, multi-billion dollar corruption and criminal schemes, anti-national city budget with benefits for large enterprises "friends Yanukovych" Vilkul and Akhmetov, the confrontation between residents and criminal city authorities, crowded units "ttook", intimidation of activists, physical violence involving members of criminal organizations , which in turn attack on activists using weapons and explosives, the inaction of local law enforcement or investigation of excessive bias, charges from power in a seemingly provocative activities and unlawful actions of citizens in the fight for their rights, etc., Strongly-minded community comes out to protect the city and their families in the fight against criminal Krivonozhko power and its controlled criminals. Activists note the extremely necessary intervention of the Central authorities, as the situation in Krivoy Rog is heating up with each passing minute and the confrontation between the people and the criminal authorities can lead to tragedy that has experienced Kiev Maidan winter 2013 - 2014. Will be released to all Ukrainians with a request for support.

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