The concept of responsible self-medication and reform in the health sector

03:00, 29 January 2015

Round table on the topic: "the Concept of responsible self-medication and reform in the health sector". The organizers of the event: Television industry Committee and the Ukrainian Association of Press Publishers. The purpose of the event: discussion of future reforms in the health sector, and their impact on the advertising market. Finding ways of implementing the concept of "responsible self-medication" and the media involvement in this process. The practice of uncontrolled self-medication prevailing among the population, is one of the priority problems, the solution of which is facing the health sector today. Victory requires the creation of a comprehensive, systematic and rational strategy, which should be based on the best international practices, and must be different from previous initiatives, which are based on limiting the pharmaceutical and advertising markets. The concept of "responsible self-medication", adopted by the world health organization 20 years ago and has been recognized in the EU, to promote the sensible use of drugs, which are sold without prescription for the prevention and treatment of lung disorders that do not require professional medical assistance is one of the methods of combating the uncontrolled use of drugs among the population and reduce the burden on the public health system. The round table participants will be invited to discuss the current state of Affairs in the direction of reforming the health care industry, the plans of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and bodies of Executive power in this area, and the major steps that need priority. Participants: representatives of the parliamentary factions, state and public figures, experts, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

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