The true face of Maidan: statistics of protests that have transformed the country

00:00, 09 July 2014

the Press-conference of the Center for study of society on the topic: "the True face of Maidan: statistics protests that changed the country", dedicated to the presentation of research results of all protest and repressive events during the Maidan. The event will be held under support of the National endowment for democracy. During the Maidan sociologists study Center of the company made a record of all events that occurred on the territory of Ukraine, together with repression by the Yanukovych government. Created a unique database of all protests and repression in all the squares, intimidado and behind them allows us now to accurately respond to urgent and topical issues, which continue to manipulation by politicians and in the media. In particular who took the biggest part in the Maidan? What was actually role on the Maidan extreme right-wing forces (IN "Freedom" and "Right sector")? Was the Maidan truly nationwide uprising? What was the contribution Maydanov outside Kiev: in the West and in the East? What was the proportion of violent struggle in the independence square and victory was possible non-violent alternative without the escalation of the conflict? In the press-conference will take part: Vladimir Ischenko, sociologist, Deputy Director of the research Center of the company; Ostap Kuchma, the political scientist, analyst of the center of research of the company; Taras Salamenik, sociologist, an analyst of the Center for study of society.

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