The year of revolution. "Right Sector" and "self-Defense"

03:00, 04 December 2014

the year of the revolution. Fourth programme cycle, Thursday, December 4, 18:30 New brands Ukrainian political discourse, which gave birth to the Revolution of Dignity "Right" Sector public right movement turned into a political party, and "self-Defense", which could stand in front of armed police commandos, and the name began to be used for selfish purposes certain persons. Actors: Artem Skoropadsky, the representative of "the Right Sector"; Andrei Bondarenko, member of the Central wire of the party "Right Sector; Mikhail Bondar MP, centurion 10th hundreds of self-Defense Maidan; Andrew Lewus, the chief commandant of the Defense Maidan; Sergey Suprun , TH "common cause right".

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