Photo from UNIAN

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko during the celebrations on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the Security Service of Ukraine commented on the MP Nadiia Savchenko case.

The president said it was worth being included in textbooks for security agencies, the TSN news service reports.

Poroshenko thanked the special services for "skillfully revealing the hostile cell plotting large-scale terrorist attacks in Kyiv".

The Kremlin denies reports that Savchenko is allegedly their agent, calling her case Ukraine's internal issue.

"Over the past two months, the SBU carried out two large-scale operations that are worthy of being included in textbooks for future special services. First, the connection between the "protest camp" outside the Verkhovna Rada was brilliantly revealed and legally documented with the Malorossiya political emigrants in Russia acting under control of the Russian FSB.Conclusive evidence was obtained and the financial flow was blocked between the Dnipro River and the Moscow River, used to channel those '30 pieces of silver'," said Poroshenko.

Read alsoSavchenko may face life imprisonmentAs UNIAN reported earlier, on March 22 MP Nadiia Savchenko was stripped of parliamentary immunity. On the next day, the court in Kyiv ruled to hold Savchenko in custody for a period of 59 days without bail.

The former war pilot, who has become a people's deputy after being released from the Kremlin captivity due to international efforts, has fallen from grace rapidly as her alleged plot in conspiracy with former hostage negotiator Volodymyr Ruban was revealed by the SBU to violently overthrow government in Kyiv, resorting to a massive terrorist act in the Verkhovna Rada hall.