Photo from UNIAN

Henley & Partners has published updated Passport Index data for the fourth quarter of 2018, which ranks the countries in terms of visa-free travel, according to which Ukraine ranks 41st among all countries in the world.

Although Ukraine descended from the 38th to the 41st position in the ranking in the three months, this happened only due to some other countries' shifts. The citizens of Ukraine may still visit 128 countries without a visa, a record for the country, whereas as early as the beginning of 2018, Ukrainians could travel to 114 countries without visas.

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At the same time, Japan has the best visa-free access, as holders of Japanese passports may visit 190 countries without a visa, which was a record for the entire existence of the index. Three months ago, Japan shared the first place with Singapore, but the Japanese got visa-free access to Myanmar, leaving Singapore behind (visa-free travel to 189 countries). Germany, which has recently been the undisputed leader of the index, ranks third (188 countries). The same situation is with South Korea and France. The fourth place is shared by Denmark, Italy, Spain, Finland, and Sweden.

Meanwhile, Russia ranks 47th in the index with visa-free access to 119 countries, Moldova is 46th (122 countries), Belarus is 68th (77 countries).