Nadia Savchenko in occupied areas of Donetsk region / pro-militant website

He expressed concern over the fact that Nadiia Savchenko, as an official with access to classified information, communicates directly with the militants from the illegal armed groups behind the contact line, according to TV Channel 5.

"She is not authorized to negotiate with terrorists, she is into too much PR. Unfortunately, she is being manipulated by Russian special services. We see how many [representatives of] Russian media were there and how this whole trip was prepared and then covered. In fact, it’s a blow to all of us," said Tandit.

Read alsoSBU reacts to Savchenko's statement on Ukraine needing to abandon CrimeaAs reported, February 24 pro-Russian militants reported that Savchenko came to the territory controlled by "DPR" to visit Ukrainian prisoners.  Later in the day, Savchenko said that while in the occupied Donetsk, she met with Ukrainian prisoners, to support them and hand over parcels from their families.