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The High-Level Expert Group, which was established by the European Commission’s decision passed in November 2017, is expected to present the said strategy in spring 2018.

The High-Level Expert Group expert group will gather opinions on what kind of actions could be taken at EU level to give citizens effective tools to identify reliable and verified information and adapt to the challenges of the digital age.

Experts will look at the scope of the problem, including how fake news is perceived by citizens and stakeholders, how they are aware of online disinformation, or how they trust different media.

Read alsoRussian troll factory expands its workspace threefold in 2018 - Euromaidan PressThey will also assess measures already taken by platforms, news media companies, and civil society organizations to counter the spread of fake news online, as well as positions on the roles and responsibilities of the relevant stakeholders.

The team will look into possible future moves to strengthen citizens’ access to reliable and verified information and prevent the spread of disinformation online.

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