21 October 2016

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Naval maneuvers within Sea Breeze 2016

Sea Breeze 2016: Naval maneuvers

The active phase of Ukraine-U.S. joint military exercise Sea Breeze 2016 is under way in Odesa and Mykolaiv regions, as well as in the north-western part of the Black Sea.

Wednesday, July 27, saw the “moment-of-truth” maneuvers as representatives of the 16 participant states performed major tasks of a conditional multinational security operation in a crisis region.

Within the maritime component, the tactical group of warships monitors civilian shipping, inspects suspicious vessels and ensures protection against the attacks of small high-speed boats. Amphibious landing is also being performed, while the artillery fires at floating and other types of targets.

Within the coastal component, the Marines and special forces of Ukraine, the U.S., Moldova and Georgia performed air and sea landing in different areas.

Within the air component, the landing of Ukrainian marines was secured, aid was provided in response to a mayday situation on sea, cover was provided for the actions carried out within the Coastal component, and medical evacuation and transportation of personnel were performed as well.

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