22 October 2016

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Rally in support of fast food shawarma kiosks in Odesa

ShawarMarch, a rally to protest against local authorities' plans to close all shawarma kiosks, was held in the center of Odesa on August 20.

Some 100 people gathered at the Prymorsky Promenade near the monument to Duke de Richelieu.

Protesters held placards saying: "The pancreatic gland will fail but corrupt officials will be put behind bars," "The city council does not like shawarma, but I do not like the city council destroying green areas and historical areas. Who is more harmful to Odesa?" "Odesa needs shawarma with a human face," "Whoever bans shawarma will be behinds bars," and more.

Protesters then went to Dumska Square near the Town Hall building where a major rally took place.

The organizers of the rally told reporters that ShawarMarch is "an adequate response to inappropriate actions by Odesa officials," and events being conducted in support of fast food are part of a social movement. They claim that they want to draw attention to important issues with the help of irony and satire.

The shawarma kiosks are being closed because of poor sanitary conditions. Participants in the rally, however, claim that the corruption and negligence of some officials have caused the "uncontrolled construction of kiosks in the city and led to their poor condition."

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