"Local elections: transparency, data availability, legitimacy"

03:00, 25 September 2015

a Press conference on the theme: "Local elections: transparency, data availability, legitimacy". During the press conference will highlight existing problems regarding transparency of the CEC, as well as features of the new electoral system by which elections will be held in city, district and regional councils on 25 October. System is the most complex of all that existed in Ukraine, it is very difficult to understand. Without proper explanation of the mechanics of the electoral system - how will be nominated candidates in municipal, district, regional councils, how the voters will vote on sites, as their voice will affect which candidates will become a member of, Ukrainians can expect many unpleasant surprises. Misunderstanding of the electoral system may lead to the fact that councils may not have sufficient trust and legitimacy in the eyes of voters. There will also be a presentation of the project "Transparent local elections."

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