Editorial policy at UNIAN

Principles and values

Since its founding in 1992, UNIAN Information Agency has been committed to adhering to professional standards and principles of objective journalism. The agency's main goal is to promptly, comprehensively, and truthfully inform Ukrainian and foreign audiences about all important events unfolding in Ukraine and beyond, as well as about facts that may be of public interest and weight – in the form most accessible and understandable to readers, around the clock. In-depth coverage and diverse presentation, along with brevity and accuracy in reporting are the fundamental principles of the editorial office.

Information reliability

The UNIAN editorial office sees as its priority delivering full reports on facts and events that have an impact on people's lives.

News reports may include expert opinions, suggesting a subjective perspective on certain facts, with direct citation of such opinions and mentions of the authors' names.

All sources of information undergo verification.

Ethical principles

UNIAN does not support any form of discrimination propaganda. Human rights and freedoms are an absolute value for the editorial office.

Racist, xenophobic, and homophobic pieces are banned from release.

Sources Policy

UNIAN cooperates only with trusted sources. Information received from own correspondents and press services, official pages in social networks is prioritized. If information is obtained from an anonymous source, the editorial board reserves the right not to disclose it.

If exclusive information is taken from other media, such reports shall mention the original source with a direct active hyperlink, if such exists.

In drafting news reports, editors always search for the original source of information.

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