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09:20, 07.07.2015
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Two Ukrainian ministers resigned, 14 Russian companies, including Gazprom, were included in a broadened sanctions list by Canada, 2,000 officers of the brand new police forces began patrolling the Kyiv streets, UAH 40 million is the cost of capital repairs of one kilometer of Ukraine’s roads.

1st place in the "Ukrainian Challenge" popular vote at the World Press Photo 15 exhibition was taken by a UNIAN photojournalist Vladyslav Musienko with his picture taken on February 18, 2014, during the Revolution of Dignity at the intersection of Shelkovichnaya and Institutskaya streets in Kyiv. The second and the third places in the contest weretaken by Efrem Lukatskiy and Volodymyr Shuvaev.

2 ministers lost their Cabinet seats this week. Among them is Ihor Shevchenko, dismissed from his post of the Ecology Minister by Parliament with 235 MPs voting for such decision. In turn, the Health Minister Alekandr Kvitashvili wrote a resignation letter, but the issue of his dismissal had not yet been discussed at a Parliament’s session.

2 years of imprisonment with a probation term is a court verdict for a 19-year-old Russian citizen who tried leave Russia for Ukraine to join the ranks of the Right Sector, media reported. A man was convicted under the articles “Attempted mercenary activity” and “Public calls for extremism” of Russia’s Criminal Code.

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12 alleged accomplices of a student, who had gone on a killing spree in a Tunisian sea resort Sousse on June 25, fatally shooting 40 tourists, have been detained by law enforcement agencies in Tunisia, foreign media reported. Authorities did not specify, what exactly the detainees are being accused of, or how the arrest had been carried out.


14 Russian companies, including Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Surgutneftegaz, and Transneft, appeared on Canada’s extended sanctions list, according to the Canadian Foreign Ministry. In addition, Canada has banned the import and export of goods from the territory of Russia-occupied Crimea. The leaders of the Eurasian Youth Union Aleksandr Dugin, Pavel Kanischev and Andrei Kovalenko also fell under the new sanctions.

18% of the Ukrainian citizens, excluding those living in the occupied parts of Donbas and Crimea, watch the news broadcast by Russian TV at least several times a month, according to the sociological survey conducted by KIIS.

57 states, including China, India, Russia, and Germany signed the act on the establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), as reported by foreign media. The US and Japan have refused to participate in this project. Authorized capital ABII is $ 100 billion. China has the largest share in the new bank.

65% of the Greeks were ready to submit to the demands of the European creditors, according to the study published by Stratfor ahead of the referendum. The results of the vote show he opposite, with 61.5% of the citizens having rejected the bailout program.

80% of residential buildings in the eastern Ukrainian village of Shyrokino have been destroyed, while all of its civilian residents have fled their homes, according to the OSCE. Yevhen Marchuk, Ukraine’s representative in the subgroup on security issues at the Tripartite Liaison Group said that Ukraine proposed to create a four-kilometer security zone in Shyrokino, but Russia does not agree with this idea.

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229 MPs supported the bill on the restructuring of liabilities on loans in foreign currency, obliging the banks to reconsider the obligations under the loan agreements at the official NBU rate on the date of the contract. In fact, that is at the rate of UAH 5.05 to a dollar. Later, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft resolution on the abolition of said voting. At the same time, the NBU noted that the losses of banks, in the case of forced conversion, will exceed 5% of the GDP.

236 land parcels were secured for the operational management of Kyivtransparkservice, according to the decision by the Kiev city council. Thus, the number of parking spaces, assigned to the company, will be increased by 13,000 (from 27,000 to 40,000).

700 tonnes of contraband products, which were supposed to head toward militant-controlled areas of Donbas, was seized during a special operation conducted jointly by the Security Service, the State Fiscal Service, the police, and border guards, according to the SBU. It is noted that this is the largest bulk of contraband products seized throughout the whole period of the Anti-terrorist operation.

At least 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers, killed in action, remain unidentified, according to the Center for the exchange of prisoners. According to the volunteers, the DNA material is being taken from the tombs of unknown soldiers to identify the fallen heroes.

2,000 new patrol police officers took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people and began patrolling the streets of Kyiv. The dispatchers coordinate the work of the new patrol. It is planned that similar patrol service will be created in Odesa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Lutsk, Mykolaiv, as well as in several smaller towns.

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5,000 Ukrainian products can be exported duty-free to the United States by the Ukrainian companies under the Generalized System of Preferences, starting the end of July 2015, according to the Economy Ministry. The volume of duty-free trade could amount to $ 200 million.

6,500 people have fallen victims to the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine; another 16,000 were injured, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of humanitarian efforts. According to international organizations, five million people need humanitarian assistance. In this regard, UN World Food Program has decided to expand its operations to provide urgent assistance in food aid to 500,000 residents of Donbas to the end of this year.

65,500 civilians living in Donbas in close proximity to the demarcation line remain on the brink of a humanitarian disaster, according to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of ceasefire.

137,000 migrants arrived by sea to Europe in the first half of 2015, according to the UNHCR. According to experts, the number of refugees has increased by more than 80% compared to the same period in 2014.



900,000 tons of salt was mined in the first half of 2015 by a state-owned enterprise Artemsol, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food reports. The company lost the major consumer markets of dietary salt (Russia, militant-occupied territories in Donbas, and Russia-annexed Crimea), the company increased exports to the European Union by three times.

UAH 40 million is the maximum cost of capital repair of one kilometer of the first and second category roads in Ukraine, notes the Ministry of Infrastructure. In addition, UAH 3 to 15 million for maintenance costs, and elimination of pits - from UAH 183 to 469 per square meter.

60 million tonnes of grain is projected to be harvested in Ukraine in 2015, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food. The export of grain may reach 34-37 million tonnes.

$ 1.37 billion of fictitious investments was attracted into Ukraine by 44 companies related to the "family" of ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, according to the State Service for Financial Monitoring of Ukraine. According to authorities, in order to launder these money, part of these funds was later used to purchase T-bills in US dollars, and the rest were placed on deposit in Ukrainian banks. At present, these assets are arrested.

11.92 bcm of gas has been pumped into Ukrainian underground storage facilities as of today, according to the Ukrainian gas transport system operator Ukrtransgaz. The daily volume of gas injection into the storages is nearly 55 mcm. Since July 1, after fruitless trilateral gas talks with Russia mediated by the European Commission, Ukraine has suspended the import of Russian gas, as well as significantly reduced its purchase in the EU.

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