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12:20, 03 August 2015
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14 Russian companies fell under new US sanctions, oil prices may drop to $35 per barrel if Iran restarts supplies, UAH 128,000 is the cost of training of one Ukrainian cop.

1 state - Russia - voted against setting up an international tribunal to investigate into the shooting down of the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 flight over the territory of Ukraine on July 17, 2014 that killed all 298 people onboard. Russia exercised its right to a veto while at the respective meeting of the UN Security Council, while the majority of UN SC members supported the draft resolution.

5 states - Malaysia, the Netherlands, Australia, Belgium and Ukraine - are considering the possibility of establishing an independent international tribunal. Alternative options for a tribunal are being explored.

5 criminal proceedings against six people - former senior Ukrainian officials, including ex-President Viktor Yanukovych – are carried out by an “in absentia” conviction procedure, according to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine (PGO). In particular, the Pechersk district court recognized the validity of the arguments and the evidence provided by the PGO against former Health Minister Raisa Bogatyryova.

French actor Gerard Depardieu, who received Russian citizenship and is known for his anti-Ukrainian statements, is banned from entering Ukraine for 5 years, according to the SBU. Previously, it was noted that social activists handed over to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine a list of 567 foreign artists with a demand to prohibit their virtual presence on Ukrainian TV and radio for their public anti-Ukrainian statements.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) also banned from entering the Ukrainian territory for 3 years 10 deputies of the France’s National Assembly and the French Senate, who visited annexed Crimea despite protests from the Ukrainian authorities, without the official consent.

7 Russian officials are being suspected by the PGO of having committed crimes against the Ukrainian female helicopter pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko. PGO is also to send a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine for the promotion of this issue in line with international agreements.

Sanctions hit Russia’s VEB and Rosneft structures /

14 Russian companies and a number of the country's businessmen came under new US sanctions, according to the US Department of the Treasury. In particular, sectoral sanctions affected the structures of Russia’s VEB and Rosneft. The list includes dozens of companies, registered in Russia, Belarus, Finland, Romania, Hong Kong, Cyprus and the Virgin Islands.

15 Ukrainian ambassadors are to be appointed in the Asian and European regions until the end of August, according to Ukraine’s Foreign Minister. According to him, best diplomats, and well-known people with good political and diplomatic history are among the nominees.

Ukraine used 16.5% of the planned international investment volumes ($137.1 million) in the 6 months of 2015, the Finance Ministry reported.

A 17.5% increase in tariffs for landline local telephone services was approved by the National Commission for the state regulation in the field of communication and information, the Commission said.

The price of oil could drop to $35 per barrel due to the projected return of Iran’s energy resources to the global market, according to FIBO Group.

50% of housing and communal services are not prepared for the winter, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk. According to him, the energy sector is now in the state of crisis.

51 out of 602 local budgets in Ukraine will get government subsidies this year worth a total of UAH 2 billion, according to Ukraine’s Minister of Finance. Small settlements are seen as priority for assistance.

70% of the Ukraine’s total reserves of the anthracite coal (a deficit in Ukraine) are located at Luhansk thermal power plant controlled by Russian-terrorist forces, according to Ukrenergo. The state-owned company says that, due to power lines having been destroyed by militants, over 430,000 tonnes of fuel has massed up at the TPP. In general, 600,300 tonnes of anthracite coal has accumulated in warehouses of TPPs across Ukraine as of late July.

PGO submitted 100 requests to several countries for international legal assistance in criminal proceedings against former high-ranking officials in order to establish the illegal channels of the transfer of assets out of Ukraine. In particular, the requests have been sent to Austria, the UK, Switzerland, Latvia, Liechtenstein and Singapore.

There are 149 suspects of crimes against the Maidan, according to the PGO. In addition, investigators of the PGO sent 11 indictments against 23 persons to the court in criminal proceedings regarding countering protest actions.


2,300 Ukrainian troops were killed during the Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbas, according to Ukraine’s military officials. 270 Ukrainian military servicemen are still “missing in action”. At the same time, Russian human rights activists believe that at least 1,000 citizens of the Russian Federation were killed in Donbas.

In general, according to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, at least 6,832 people (both civilians and military) were killed in 15 months in eastern Ukraine, while 17,087 people were injured.

66,454 Ukrainian troops, who had taken part in the ATO, received the status of combatants, according to the Defense Ministry.

UAH 128,000 is spent on training of each cop of Ukraine’s new patrol police, said the Minister of Internal Affairs. According to him, 90% of these funds come from the state budget.

There are 151,125 disabled children under the age of 18 years in Ukraine, according to the Presidential Administration. It is about 2% of the total population of minors. And this is not counting disabled children beyond social support.

EUR 9 million , $26 million and CHF 85 million belonging to Ukraine’s former high-ranking officials were blocked abroad, according to the PGO. Furthermore, their houses and securities were also arrested within Ukraine. 32,700 hectares of land and over UAH 11 billion were returned to the state property.

$1.8 billion may be required for the restoration of Donbas, noted in the respective State Agency for Donbas Reconstruction. $316 million needs to be allocated just for humanitarian needs alone. The department acknowledged that Ukraine has not made full damage assessment, but it was made by the international partners.

Ukraine paid $4.2 billion of its debt / ZN.UA

Ukraine made $4.2 billion of budget payments on its debt in foreign currency by the end of July, according to the Finance Ministry.

World population may reach 11.2 billion by the end of the century, according to the UN demographic report. The experts claim that India will surpass China in terms of population around 2022, and in 2050, while Nigeria will become a country with the third largest population, outrunning the United States.

Margarita Andreyeva

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