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Week’s milestones. Saakashvili acceleration, Russia’s destabilization plan for Ukraine, and complications in Interior Ministry

18:50, 14.11.2016
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After almost one and a half years of his work as Odesa Governor, Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili decided to taste what it’s like to be in the Ukrainian opposition. SBU claims Russia may seek to implement its insidious destabilization plan for Ukraine. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is going through some rough times in its public relations strategy.

Head of the Odesa Regional State Administration Mikheil Saakashvili set the tone of the past week with his resignation statement. Former Georgian President and former head of one of Ukraine’s complicated regions, where he failed to achieve the promised economic and administrative miracle, pursues the tactics of loud and public-friendly vows. Perhaps, the ambitious politician shouldn’t forget that there have already been at least two campaigns promising the "new way of life" and "new faces in the elite" in 2014, so today the effect of this "novelty" can become the opposite of what is desired.

It is Volodymyr Groysman who took responsibility for the situation in Odesa region until the new Governor is appointed. At the same time, during his visit to Kherson, the prime minister promised to restore the glory of Ukraine as a maritime state. In addition, the Government emphasized its readiness to achieve the timely passage through the Rada voting of the draft budget for 2017, decided to raise the minimum prices for vodka, and rejoiced over the raising by Fitch of Ukraine's sovereign rating.

SBU told about the risks of destabilization in Ukraine / Photo from UNIAN

The name of Russia’s destabilization plan for Ukraine, “Shatun” [“Rocking Bear”, the one who woke up from hibernation early], which was revealed by the Ukrainian Security Service in a rather old fashioned way, a bit too formally, may well cause numerous sneers among progressive-minded public. However, there are other realities Ukraine has to deal with: yet another provocation of the FSB in Crimea, who claim to have detained "terrorists" from among Ukrainian experts; Russia’s massing up of its “armored fist” in Donbas as a pressure factor on the West; and the Russian desire to disintegrate Ukraine as a unified state. To achieve these goals, the Kremlin will attack again and again, as our independent country poses a serious threat to Putin's regime, even in its current crisis. And direct military offensive is not a priority in a range of methods to influence the situation.

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Of course, in this situation, the authorities should not be limited to statements of representatives of the security services, but rather try to curb the protest action, on which the opponents of the Kyiv government try to speculate. Now it seems that the president-offered urgent bill on protection of defrauded investors of Ukrainian banks may just not be enough. Although Khatia Dekanoidze said she was confident that the National Police was trusted by almost half of Ukraine’s population, some “pirouettes” of the Interior Ministry are rather puzzling. And it is unlikely that the activists in Cherkasy protested against the appointment of a new head of the regional police department unreasonably. And the problem with trust is not only due to the appointment of the new aide to the interior minister for European integration, but also due to the agency’s struggle for classifying the lists of awarded weapons. It seems that this list is turning into a Pandora's box, opening which even by a court order could be too dangerous to the public. We do know that this public in the law enforcement agencies never ends well.

By the way, the resignation of Khatia Dekanoidze added no clarity to the situation, except for one fact: the state of “stable instability” in Ukraine is becoming a dominant feature of the current political situation.

Yevgeny Magda

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