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To sucker his partners in such a way he must have a unique talent. We can only imagine excited Viktor Medvedchuk ordering live Rada Channel to witness the whole action himself. 

At the time when Oleksandr Moroz is sinking in the avalanche of criticism, spite and aggression, he still deserves a compliment.

To sucker his partners in such a way he must have a unique talent. We can only imagine excited Viktor Medvedchuk ordering live Rada Channel to witness the whole action himself.

Greeting telegram from Cote d`-Azur reached Moroz almost immediately.

The way Moroz became the Verkhovna Rada speaker may lay down the foundation for a new political culture in Ukraine.

If earlier politicians tried to hush down the scam, forgetting about obligations taken in the lobbies and rest rooms, now they can openly ignore public declarations, own autographs and shirts they have torn in the heat of passionate promises at the rallies.

At that you can get the title of the nation`s ex-conscience.

Last week Korrespondent periodical published the list of the richest people in Ukraine. If the weekly had delayed the issue for a couple of days we could have seen famous names from SPU in this rating list...

Moroz got everything possible and impossible from his 5%. He followed instructions worked out by the people who hate him now.

It was Yulia Tymoshenko who nominated Moroz for a speaker and presented him the second political youth. She gave him that chance.

It was Petro Poroshenko who worked out a scenario for himself - to vote for the speaker apart from other offices in the `coalition` packet. That was the subject of his negotiations with the Party of Regions (PRU).

Now the weapon turned against its developers.

Surprisingly, election of Moroz for the VR speaker was calm and quiet.

Tymoshenko was absolutely inadequate in such a situation - under the threat of a soon collapse of the coalition and the loss of the premier office she did not attack presidium, unplait the braid or at least burn out bulletins.

He had enough reasons to act so - beginning with violations of Parliamentary rules and ending with the treason of the Coalition Agreement which was not terminated. Instead, Tymoshenko was calmly sitting in the session hall and then left the parliament.

Some people refused to believe Moroz could descend to such mean betrayal, especially when his signature was still set on the Coalition Agreement with Our Ukraine Block (NU) and Yulia Tymoshenko Block (BYuT).

Someone from the `orange side` realized the situation got out of control. Someone hoped Moroz would not be elected from the first time and that `prodigal socialist` would come back to revolutionary family during the time-out.

At the marble column there stood MP who was lucky to be in the coalition under Kuchma`s presidency. Observing the frigid process of seizure of power by the blue-and-white `regions` he could not conceal his annoyance at the helplessness of the `orange`.

"Heh, this country lost Medvedchuk! He would show at least one way to disrupt the voting! All you have to do is to spoil bulletins voted for Moroz.

When the bulletins are taken out of the hopper, one of the commission members hides a pen in the sleeve and spoils bulletins by setting an additional sign opposite Azarov`s name. Bulletin with two signs is not valid. It is that simple. But, alas!

The country loses its heroes indeed."

With election of Moroz the VR speaker and formation of a new coalition an intrigue is not over. Moreover is becoming more involute.

Sure, from the point of view of the common sense coalition of PRU and the Communists is the same as if Lakers and Bulls united into one team.

Ideological antipathy may result in the loss of value for Akhmetov`s capital - gradually Ukraine will worsen its investment image - or in the loss of electorate for Symonenko - his voters may accuse Symonenko of

relations with bourgeois.

But from the revenge point of view the union of PRU and CPU got the wind knocked out of the revolution.

On the other hand Communists in the coalition with PRU will have the same role as the Socialists in the orange coalition - possibility for red chiefs to dictate own terms until they are blue in the face.

To deprive CPU of such status the coalition will have to get reserve of 20 MPs. Yanukovych is going to enlist them in Our Ukraine (NU).

Yekhanurov and Kinakh, who are believed to control enough MPs, are the hope for PRU

By the way, Oleksandr Volkov and Volodymyr Zaplatynsky, who are the only MPs that voted for Moroz, got to Our Ukraine electoral list on Kinakh`s quote.

VARIANT I - a part of MPs from Our Ukraine will join coalition.

That may happen even if Yanukovych becomes the PM.


- at least an insignificant representation of Our Ukraine in the government,

- additional factor for strengthening of the president`s role in case such

coalition is formed,

- depriving communists of their privileged status,

- attempt to liberalize power,

- possibility to get a packet of offices in the parliament.

By now, the coalition of Moroz-Yanukovych is not that sentimental even to surrender the opposition the office of the First Vice-Speaker.

At least as of Friday all offices were shared between the trinity PRU-SPU-CPU:

speaker - Moroz,

the First Vice-Speaker - Adam Martynyuk,

Vice-Speaker Nina Karpachova/Rayisa Bohatyryova (unless she

becomes Vice-Premier in Humanitarian Matters).

At the same time even partial collaboration of Our Ukraine will worsen its image. Yushchenko will have then to form two parties - one will take care of morality and ideology and another will deal with PRU.

VARIANT II - Our Ukraine at the whole joins PRU which is almost impossible taking into account that half of the party will not do that.

Such step will factually destroy Our Ukraine as a party. However, part of its MP thinks it does not exist anyway.

Besides, there is an influential group of Our Ukraine MPs that will agree to join PRU coalition only under condition that Moroz is discharged from the speaker`s post and Petro Poroshenko comes into this office.

These are `dear friends` who were the most sincere supporters of the orange coalition on Thursday.

VARIANT III - Our Ukraine goes into opposition

Such step will keep the image but will completely deprive the party of power in the country. But being in the opposition with charismatic Tymoshenko is the threat to play the second fiddle.

In general oppositional status would be a good lesson for Our Ukraine. The lesson is - to be in power and to think not only of own interests.

Such variant will be justified in case of early election. Oleksandr Tretyakov, either jokingly or in earnest, offered Our Ukraine and BYuT to run for elections under one voting list.

Yushchenko himself concedes dissolution of the parliament otherwise he would not have reminded the coalition had less than three weeks to form the government.

As known, no one knows how to calculate the Time X since PRU claims they have at least a month to form the government.

Yushchenko may use such pressure not to let Yanukovych become the PM.

....During the Orange Revolution Oleksandr Moroz never showed up with an orange ribbon. No one noticed that.

It was not his Maidan. It was his ticket to future career.

And he is collecting dividends now.        

The article was monitored by The Action Ukraine Report (AUR) Monitoring Service, Morgan Williams, Editor.


Analysis & commentary: By Leo Amchuk in Ukrainian

Translated into English by Eugene Ivantsov

Ukrayinska Pravda Online, Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, July 7, 2006

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