Ukraine makes step towards healthy way of life
Ukraine makes step towards healthy way of life

Ukraine makes step towards healthy way of life

17:33, 20 March 2008
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Ukraine occupies the first place in world by the rating of youth alcohol drinking... Some 40% of Ukrainian teenagers take alcohol drinks at least once a month... The parliament at last forbade advertising of tobacco and alcohol in outdoor billboards...

Lots of materials have been written about consequences of taking alcohol drinks and tobacco. However, advertising does its job well - tobacco, as well as alcohol production is actively promoted,  and no less actively bought. Cheerless perspectives of their health do not frighten consumers off.

Unfortunately, Ukrainians are not an exception, to the contrary – as Deutsche Welle reports, according to recent research of the World Health Organization, Ukraine occupies the first place in world by the rating of alcohol drinking by children and youth. More that 200 thousand pupils of the 5th, 8th and 10th forms from 41 countries of the world were polled in the course of the research. Basing on the results of the poll, scientists drew up a list of countries, beginning with those, where the teenagers alcoholism reached threatening scales.

Ukraine took the first place. Some 40% of our teenagers take alcohol drinks at least once a month.

As of today, the problem of taking alcoholic drinks and tobacco production is very urgent in Ukraine. Many smoking people tried to get rid of this pernicious habit for several times. But, it appeared not to be so easy – particularly, due to numerous advertising of alcohol and tobacco production in the streets. It’s rather hard to resist the temptation. The emotional richness of the advertising absolutely blocks the information about harm of alcohol and tobacco.

Recently the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine forbade advertising of this production in outdoor billboards. Besides, the law forbids the advertising of tobacco products, alcohol and low-alcohol beverages not only in interior means of advertising, but also in public transport, at the fist and last pages of magazines covers, by radio, television, except for special evening time stipulated by regulations, and special exhibition measures.

Taking into consideration that the biggest part of the Ukrainian population travels by public transport, this decision of the parliament may have rather positive consequences. Probably, the place, which was previously occupied by alcohol and tobacco advertising, will be granted to advertising of household appliances, cosmetics, furniture, clothes and so on and so forth.

Of course, it would be better to promote the healthy way of life at the places, which were previously  occupied by alcohol and tobacco advertising. Thus, opening the first page of a magazine, the first thing, which a consumer will pay attention to, will be namely healthy way of life, and not elite cigarettes. The latter will hardly contribute much to bringing up the next generation.

Introducing the healthy way of life in Ukraine will be carried out gradually. The Verkhovna Rada gave an opportunity to alcohol and tobacco market to gradually adapt to the innovations. Particularly, it will be forbidden to announce about alcohol-production sponsors of any measures since the beginning of the next year. To advertise alcohol and tobacco production in outdoor billboards is also allowed only till January 1, 2009. However, this kind of advertising may be placed in many printed editions till the very year 2010.

By Olena Batig

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