This time, the Bond girl doesn't even get a hookup with 007

This time, the Bond girl doesn't even get a hookup with 007

Camille, the mysterious woman with a dangerous agenda who crosses James Bond`s bloody path in Quantum of Solace, holds a distinction that...

Camille, the mysterious woman with a dangerous agenda who crosses James Bond`s bloody path in Quantum of Solace, holds a distinction that no other Bond Girl can match.

She doesn`t sleep with James Bond (Daniel Craig).

And that`s cool with Olga Kurylenko, who plays her.


"He can`t sleep with every woman!" Kurylenko said, laughing, during a one-on-one interview at Miami`s opulent Mandarin Oriental Hotel last month. "They just don`t have time, they`re so involved in getting the bad guys."

The 22nd film in the spy series, which opens Friday, starts up just 20 minutes after the end of the previous one, Casino Royale. And to say that Bond`s in a bad way is an epic understatement.

Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), the woman he loved and was going to leave the spy game for, has betrayed him and died, and he`s on a vengeful tear. Which is why Kurylenko, a 28-year-old former model originally from the Ukraine, doesn`t mind that, for the sake of the story, Camille and Bond`s relationship is more about a shared quest for revenge than it is about a shared bed.

"He lost this woman he loved — this movie starts 20 minutes after the last one — so he`s not ready to fall in love. He`s unavailable," explained Kurylenko, who`s also starred in the action flicks Hitman and Max Payne.

Fortunately, Camille has her own score to settle (without giving too much away, it`s a family matter), and her own fight scenes and breathtaking stunts. It`s fair to say that Olga is one of the more well-rounded characters among the Bond girls, who are usually arm candy or evil and two-faced.

She`s more of a Bond woman. And that`s cool with Kurylenko, too.

Question: Olga is one of the more fleshed-out women ever to appear in a Bond movie.

Answer: I think that I am very happy to have played in this exact film, and to play this woman who doesn`t exist just as an accessory to Bond. She`s strong and independent. He might think "I`m saving this woman" but she`s like "Get away." I like it. She`s deep.

Q: And very human.

A: Oh, yes. She is scarred. Something very tragic happened to her, that has been motivating her, her whole life. I watched Casino Royale on the big screen, and it started a new era. Bond changed, and the Bond girl part changed, too. That movie gave me inspiration.

Q: So you don`t mind that Camille and Bond don`t have sex? It actually works for the movie.

A: It does. If you`re looking for his motivation, (Vesper) is in his head. You suddenly see that he`s gotten deeper. He`s not such a cold-hearted bastard. He didn`t just sleep with her. He loved her.

Q: You have a pretty great fight scene in this.

A: She`s so feisty! (Joaquin Cosio, who plays the evil General Medrano) is so big. I trained with him (for that fight)— he was such a strong guy! I had to kick and fight. We rehearsed it for more than a month. We fought for real! He threw me on the floor, and we didn`t do just one take. They said "We`re doing it again!" It did look like a real fight. And that feels good. (Laughs)

Q: When he threw you on the floor — wham! — I think my neck hurt.

A: That definitely does wake you up!

Q: So most of that was you in that fight, not a stunt double?

A: I had four hours of fight training every day. I kept my schedule to remind me, so I can show proof. They trained you to do everything. There was no faking it, no cutting and pasting. They wanted to make it as real as possible. I did have a stunt person, Nikki. It was great seeing her, as a woman, because she`s so fearless.

Q: Who`s your favorite Bond girl?

A: Eva Green. I just really liked that last (movie). That was such a great part.

Q: So do you have any concept of your life is about to change, possibly? How can you, really?

A: It`s so overwhelming, all so unexpected. I thought I knew what I was getting into, but I had no idea how involved it was gonna be. This is the biggest movie of the year. It`s all a dream. I can`t believe it`s all happening to me.

Q: Camille is such a strong character, I`m tempted to ask if she`ll be back. But Bond doesn`t usually recycle.

A: People keep asking "Is she coming back?" But no Bond girl ever came back. They need new faces. But I`m glad people like me enough to want me to come back.

Best Bond Girl: Tracy Bond (Diana Rigg), On Her Majesty`s Secret Service (1969)

That`s Mrs. Bond Girl to you! Tracy, a countess and Mob princess, is most famous for two things in 007 lore — for being the only woman to make it to the altar with Bond (George Lazenby), and for never making it to her honeymoon. But there`s lots of reasons we love her. She`s smart (maybe because she`s played by Diana Rigg, a really good actress). She`s got a wild streak that matches Bond`s. She has great hair. And she`s got a real name, that`s neither a juvenile sexual pun or a moniker that sounds like it was ripped off from a comic book. Eh, it probably wouldn`t have worked out anyway. His loss.

Worst Bond Girl: Dr. Christmas Jones (Denise Richards), The World Is Not Enough (1999)

We don`t doubt Dr. Jones` status as a crack nuclear physicist because of her stripper name, or because of her standard uniform of tank top and short-shorts (It sure does get hot dismantling nuclear warheads in Azerbaijan!) No, we`re suspicious of her credentials because she just seems ... dumb. It`s that deer-in-the-headlights stare, the baby voice, and the way she says "plu-ton-ium" like a 6-year-old sounding out a new word watching The Electric Company. When Bond (Pierce Brosnan) asks her, "What do I need to defuse a nuclear bomb?" and Dr. Victoria`s Secret says "Me!" we weren`t encouraged.

By Leslie Gray Streeter, Palm Beach Post

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