Euro chronicle: Day five
Euro chronicle: Day five

Euro chronicle: Day five

11:24, 15 June 2012
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With the start of the Euro 2012 football tournament Ukraine gets 90,000 tourists more than in the same period last year. This is what Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov said at a press conference in Kyiv on 12 June...

Borys Kolesnikov: Second wave of fans will be bigger

With the start of the Euro 2012 football tournament Ukraine gets 90,000 tourists more than in the same period last year. This is what Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov said at a press conference in Kyiv on 12 June.


According to him, prior to Euro-2012 an average of about 200,000-210,000 people visited, but with the tournament this figure has increased to 300,000.  Furthermore, Borys Kolesnikov said that matches in the second round of the group stage of Euro-2012 in Ukraine will be visited by more tourists than the first.  "In all airports an increase in the number of applications for admission of charter flights was observed after the first round," the Vice Prime Minister said.  He noted that this dynamic is obviously related to the fact that the first foreign fans who have already visited Ukraine, share their experiences and by example show that it is safe to go to Ukraine.


He also noted that in the first 4 days of the championship the flow of cars crossing the Ukrainian border increased by 55,000-60,000 per day.


Lviv awaits new wave of fans

Fans are coming to Lviv to watch the match between Denmark and Portugal. The Lviv Railway Press Service informed that on Wednesday, 13 June, approximately 40 trains are going to bring passengers and fans to Lviv.


"On Wednesday approximately 40 trains are going to bring passengers and fans from all over Ukraine and abroad to Lviv. An additional train from Przemysl is also going to bring about 800 fans. This train goes only on dates of Euro championship matches which take place in Lviv and it will also travel on 17 June", the head of Lviv Railway Passenger Service, Bohdan Yavorskyi, said. 


The Crown Prince of Denmark, Frederik Andre Henrik Christian, and his wife, Ukrainian strongman Vasyl Virastyuk, and the mayors of the cities of Rzeszow and Przemysl, Tadeusz Ferenc and Robert Choma, will arrive to support the Danish and Portuguese teams.


We would also like to remind you that fans from more than 30 countries came to Lviv for the first match.


Roy Hodgson: Shevchenko`s movement remains exceptional

Roy Hodgson will know that he faces a tough challenge in his remaining Group D games. Hours after his England side resisted France`s stifling midfield grip, Ukraine came from behind to beat Sweden in a breezy, open game in Kiev, with all three goals from two masterful strikers England have yet to face, The Independent informs today.


While John Terry and Joleon Lescott did well to shackle Karim Benzema, the hard work is far from done. Zlatan Ibrahimovic was menacing, drifting cleverly and putting Sweden ahead early in the second half.


Andrei Shevchenko, though, was brilliant. He is not as quick as he was but his movement remains exceptional. Twice within six second-half minutes he lost his marker and headed past Andreas Isaksson, as Ukraine swiftly turned a deficit into a lead. The co-hosts are now leading Group D and any hopes England might have had of a non-contested third game with Ukraine in Donetsk have now vanished.


"Every game is like a final for us," said Shevchenko, who was substituted to a standing ovation in the Olympic Stadium. "We showed our character and now have good chances to qualify from the group."


England beware, summarized The Independent.


1,500 foreign fans arrived in Donetsk for first match by rail

A total of 1,504 foreign fans made use of the rail system to get to the first match of the European Football Championship in Donetsk.


On match day in Donetsk on 11 June some 1,322 foreigners arrived by train: № 37/38 Kyiv - Donetsk - 227 people; № 84/83 Kyiv - Donetsk - 195; № 120/119 Kyiv - Donetsk - 148; № 153/154 Kyiv - Donetsk - 370; № 157/158 Kharkiv - Donetsk - 248; № 170/169 Dnepropetrovsk - Donetsk - 85; № 70/69 Lviv - Mariupol - 10; № 22/321 Kharkiv - Mariupol - 32; № 48/47 Sevastopol - Donetsk - 4; № 144/143 Saint Petersburg - Donetsk - 3 foreigners.


Another 182 foreign fans came earlier, on 10 June, the press service of the Infrastructure Ministry reported. A total of 1,262 foreigners received accompanying services at the station: volunteer assistance, background information, stay in the station complex - 4, stay in VIP-halls - 6, purchase of travel documents - 63 foreigners.


Fan zones in Lviv and Kharkiv gathered 120,000!

The fan zones in Lviv and Kharkiv gathered 60,000 fans each to support the national team in the match against Sweden.


"Double the number of fans as usual gathered in the Lviv fan zone to support the national team of Ukraine. According to the conclusion drawn by UEFA, the supporters territory was visited by more than 60,000 people", this was reported at the Lviv-2012 media centre.


Those who did not have enough space in the fan zone stood outside. Residents of Lviv and visitors, among them the largest groups being Portuguese, Germans and Poles, supported Ukraine. And after the match they shouted in unison: "Ukraine, Lviv is with you! Ukraine is a winner! Ukraine is a Champion! Ukraine is a Champion! Ukraine - Ukraine!" Fans in blue and yellow T-shirts with painted faces supported the national team fervently.  At the fan zone on Freedom Square in Kharkiv the same number of fans, 60,000, who care for football, gathered. This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Department for Euro-2012 of Kharkiv City Council, Oleksiy Chubarov. He noted that 60,000 is the maximum that the Kharkiv fan zone can hold.


UEFA praises Ukrainian law-enforcers

UEFA has given a positive assessment of Ukrainian law-enforcement agencies during the tournament. The Information Centre learnt this from the tournament director in Ukraine, Markiyan Lubkivskyi.


"We are very satisfied with our cooperation with the Ukrainian side in terms of the safety of fans. The first matches held in Ukraine have shown a high level of preparation. Thanks to the professional and coordinated actions of the Ukrainian police we have had no confrontation between supporters, and everything is taking place in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere", the head of the LOC said. 


Lubkivskyi also stressed the benevolent attitude to fans of law-enforcement officials and their willingness to help. "Before the tournament there were many complaints about the ignorance of English, but we can see it is not a problem - even if someone from the police officers did not speak English to a sufficient level, help will always come from a volunteer, or even from just passers-by,"  UEFA stress.


In addition, the tournament director noted the friendly and warm attitude of Ukrainians to fans. "With the first games thousands of fans from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal and other countries came to our country. They are happy to be in Ukraine, we love them all and everyone notes the beauty of Ukrainian cities and friendly attitude of local residents. In general a holiday atmosphere is prevailing throughout the territory of the tournament," he said.

Information Centre Ukraine-2012

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