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17:40, 08 February 2016
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15.5 days was the time needed for a freight train to get from Ukraine to China bypassing Russia; 21 citizens of Ukraine are illegally detained in Russia and the temporarily occupied Crimea; 4,749 children of migrants who came to Europe unaccompanied by an adult, are reported missing.

One commander of the terrorists and the right hand of “LPR” militant leader Bolotov, Sergey Korsun, was detained in Poltava region after activists and volunteers spotted him in one of the restaurants in the center of Kyiv and informed the law enforcers.

Two Ukrainian prisoners - Oleh Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko, whom the Russian court sentenced to 20 and 10 years of imprisonment in maximum security penal colony, were escorted to the penitentiary facilities in Irkutsk and Chelyabinsk, respectively, as reported by Sentsov’s sister Natalia Kaplan.

Three countries -- Japan, the United States and South Korea -- have begun considering the possibility of introducing new sanctions against North Korea in the financial sector beyond the framework of the UN Security Council resolution.

An earthquake of a 6.4 magnitude struck southern Taiwan, according to foreign media. At least 31 people were killed, 515 wounded. 120 people are reported missing.


12 countries -- Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, the USA, Vietnam and New Zealand – have officially signed a Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, foreign media reported. This trade agreement, the largest over the past 20 years, provides for the free trade area to be established in the Asia-Pacific region.

15.5 days instead of the previously announced 11-12 days was the time needed for the pilot freight train to get from Ukraine to China on a new Silk Road, bypassing Russia, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. The reason for the delay was a storm in the Black Sea and a delay at a train station in Kazakhstan.

Ukrainian female pilot Nadia Savchenko illegally detained by Russia and tried by the Russian court has lost 18 kg during a nearly six-week hunger strike, according to her lawyers. The defense will insist on the defendant’s examination by the international council of doctors.

21 citizens of Ukraine are illegally held in captivity in Russia and the temporarily occupied Crimea, according to officials from Euromaidan SOS NGO.

Sentsov and Kolchenko / RFE/RL

27% of Russians recognize the fact of the invasion of Russian troops in the east of Ukraine, according to the opinion poll by Levada Center. 83% of respondents continue to support the annexation of Crimea.

49 children have been killed and 138 wounded since the start of hostilities in Donetsk region, according to the Department of National Police in Donetsk region. Of 1,198 educational facilities, only 542 schools have remained on the government-controlled territory.

140 Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, including journalists and volunteers, are being held by pro-Russian militants in the cellars in inhuman conditions, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

An appeals court in Egypt has overturned the death sentences of 149 supporters of former President Mohammed Morsi, accused of the murder of police officers in the summer of 2013, according to foreign media.

Demolition of monuments to Lenin / Facebook / Volodymyr Viatrovych

The MPs have offered to rename 157 villages and towns, some urban villages and four cities within the framework of a de-communisation process. The corresponding draft resolution has been submitted to the Verkhovna Rada.

201 people have died of influenza in Ukraine since the beginning of the epidemic season, according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

230 km of anti-tank trenches was equipped along the Russian-Ukrainian border in 2015 in Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions, according to a report of the Cabinet.

241 MPs have supported the bill allowing to offset natural gas transported to and from Europe, without its actual movement.

Pipeline / Photo from UNIAN

1,950 ATO participants have underwent rehabilitation treatment, according to the Ministry of Defense. To date, 96 troops wounded in the ATO are being treated in the healthcare facilities of the Defense Ministry.

2,297 journalists have been killed across the world over the last 25 years, foreign media reported, citing data from the International Federation of Journalists. Most of all media workers were killed in the Middle East.

4,749 children of migrants who came to Europe unaccompanied by adults are recorded missing, according to foreign media quoting Germany’s Federal Police.

9,000 schools were closed across Ukraine due to the increasing incidence of influenza and SARS, according to the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine.

The flu epidemic / Photo from UNIAN

Columbia has recorded 20,200 cases of people being infected with Zika virus, foreign media reported. The World Health Organization says the outbreak of fever in South and North America is a global emergency and a global threat.

Since mid-2015, Twitter has deleted 125,000 accounts that had promoted terrorism, foreign media reported.

Almost 1.705 million internally displaced persons from the Donbas and Crimea are registered by Ukraine’s social services, according to the government portal.

Pentagon plans to inject another $3.4 billion in 2017 into military forces deployed in Europe, foreign media reported.

Ukraine’s foreign reserves amounted to $13.442 billion in January, according to the National Bank of Ukraine. This amount is sufficient to meet the obligations and ongoing operations of the government and the NBU.

Margarita Andreyeva

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