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18:40, 04 April 2016
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Ukraine ranks fourth in the list of the world’s worst performers of ECHR decisions, 12 Azerbaijani and 18 Armenian soldiers were killed in hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, according to official data from both sides, 289 deputies voted for the dismissal of Viktor Shokin from the post of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

The World Bank confirmed a 1% GDP growth in Ukraine in 2016, according to World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Qimiao Fan. In 2017, the World Bank predicts growth of Ukraine's GDP by 2%.1% GDP growth in Ukraine in 2016, according to World Bank Director for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Qimiao Fan. In 2017, the World Bank predicts growth of Ukraine's GDP by 2%.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine extended for one month (until May 1, 2016) special obligations  of Naftogaz of Ukraine for the sale of natural gas to the households at preferential terms.

Two ex-MPs from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko Party – Mykola Tomenko and Yehor Firsov – were deprived of their mandates, according to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC). Instead of them, Oleksandr Bryhinets and Dmytro Belotserkovets took oaths.

Latvia has already erupted 3 km of fence along its border with Russia, foreign media reported. In general, Latvia is planning to put up a 24-kilometer 2.7 m high barb-wired fence this year. The total length will be 92 km on separate sections of the border.

Ukraine ranks fourth in the list of countries which are the worst performers of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in 2015. Italy tops the list, while the runner-up is Turkey, and the third ranks Russia. Romania holds the fifth position.

The Rada plans to retain in the market four licenses for financial services instead of 12. The relevant draft law was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading.

Seven police officers were killed and at least 23 were injured after a car bomb went off near a bus carrying officers of police special forces in Turkey.

The unemployment rate in Ukraine in late 2015 amounted to 9.1%, as reported by the State Statistics Service, which is a 0.6% decrease compared with 2014.

11 terrorist attacks were prevented by the German police in the country over the last 15 years, foreign media reported with reference to the management of the Federal Criminal Police Office.

12 Azerbaijani and 18 Armenian soldiers were killed in hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, foreign media reported referring  to the official representatives of Azerbaijan and Armenia. On Sunday, Azerbaijan called a unilateral suspension of military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh.


The U.S. Defense Department plans to move 12 prisoners of Guantanamo military prison  to other states, foreign media reported with reference to the Pentagon. There are 90 prisoners in Guantanamo to date, most of them accused of terrorism and war crimes.

Svatovsky district court in Luhansk region sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property a man who in January 2015 committed the terrorist attack killing the Ukrainian soldiers, according to the prosecutor of Luhansk region.

The State Treasury Service recorded a 17% revenue growth in January-February 2016 compared to the same period in 2015. According to operative data, UAH 70.545 billion was disbursed in general and special funds of the state budget of Ukraine, which is UAH 10.24 billion more yoy.

Real incomes of Ukrainians in 2015 decreased 22.2% compared to 2014, according to the State Statistics Service. The expenditures of Ukrainians increased by 16.9% last year.

The average hourly labor costs in the European Union in 2015 amounted to EUR 25, except for agriculture and public administration, says the Eurostat report. The lowest hourly labor costs was recorded in Bulgaria at EUR 4.1; the highest was in Denmark – EUR 41.3.

35 Crimean Tatars were detained on the night of April 2 in Crimea, Ukrainian media reported. After being detained, allegedly for the purpose of "preventive action," their DNA was taken, as well as fingerprints. The detainees were released in four hours.

58 officers of the Security Service of Ukraine came under lustration. Another 17 officers are in line, according to the SBU press service. In total, 17,284 employees of the security agency are subject to lustration verification.

The SBU conducts lustration procedure / Photo from UNIAN

72 people were killed in a suicide bombing in the Pakistani city of Lahore, foreign media reported. At least 315 people were injured. Taliban took responsibility for the attack.

74.18% of ballots inKryvyi Rih special mayoral elections was cast for the Opposition Bloc’s Yuriy Vilkul, local media reported citing the local election commission.

At least 120 people are held captive by militants in Donbas, according to President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. About 800 people are reported missing. At the same time, the SBU reported on 127 hostages, and 690 MIAs.

289 MPs have supported the dismissal by the President of Ukraine of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. The corresponding decree was later signed by the President.

1,700 actual checks of tobacco products at retail stores have been conducted by the State Fiscal Service since the year start. The agency reported on issuing UAH 11.2 million in fines for various violations.

18,000 contractors have enlisted to serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the beginning of 2016, as reported by the Ministry of Defense. The ministry expects that up to 7,000 people will sign contracts with the Armed Forces each month.

A news Tesla Model 3 costs $35,000, as the customers will be able to purchase the new model until late 2017, foreign media reported. The company notes that it has already received about 130,000 pre-orders.

45,000 military – 42,000 from the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and another 3,000 from other military units – are subject to demobilization until late April, according to the Ministry of Defense.

133,574 soldiers and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received the status of combatants, the Ministry of Defense reported.

A judge of Malinovsky District Court of Odesa, Oleksiy Buran, was planning to receive UAH 500,000 of undue advantage. During the raid of his house by the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) officers, he opened fire on the law enforcers. The Verkhovna Rada has endorsed the judge’s arrest.

Buran wanted to receive a bribe / Photo from UNIAN

Almost 1.755 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Donbas and Crimea are registered as of the end of March, 2016, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine reported. At the same time, Inter-Agency Coordinating Headquarters for Social Relief and Resettlement (which includes, among others, representatives of the Ministry of Interior, Security Service and State Emergency Service) note that almost 1.028 million have been resettled from the temporarily occupied territory, as well as from areas of the ATO, to other Ukrainian regions.

Ukraine can yield 22.7 million tonnesof winter crop given favorable weather conditions, according to the Ukrainian club of agrarian business association.

8.721 billion cubic meters of gas is stored in Ukraine’s underground storage facilities (USFs), according to the Ukrtransgaz.

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