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08:40, 26 October 2015
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10 political parties violated the “day of silence” before the local elections, 73.8% of Ukrainians said they would not intend to sell their votes, 409.3 kilometers of Ukraine’s border with Russia in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas is not controlled by Kyiv government.

Three Russians, who fought on the side of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, were killed in Syria, foreign media reported. Meanwhile, the Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry reported that the bodies of 26 Russian troops from the 810 Marines Brigade killed in Syria were brought to  Sevastopol, in annexed Crimea.

Five oil and gas fields in Kharkiv and Lviv regions will be auctioned in November, with the total starting price of UAH 2.765 million, according to the State Service of Geology and Mineral Resources of Ukraine.

Reforms necessary for Ukraine to join NATO may take five to six years, according to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Ten political parties violated the so-called “day of silence” before the local elections, according to head of Kyiv’s main division of Interior Ministry, Oleksandr Tereshchuk. In particular, 34 reports were recorded of violations concerning the prohibition of campaigning, including 26 reports on campaign posters placed on the balconies of private homes, seven reports on political ads placed on the walls, and even a campaign video on one of the TV channels.

Kyiv in smoke /

11 districts of Kyiv region were covered in smoke from smoldering peat, according to the State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations. Firefighters are extinguishing 24 smoldering hearths, with a total area of ​​nearly 122 hectares.

12% of Ukraine's economydepends on Russian markets, according to Ukrianian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

17 people were killed, and another three went missing when an Ivolga boat capsized in the Black Sea offshore Odessa region, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure. 22 people were rescued. According to preliminary reports, the accident was caused by an overload of the vessel; its captain was detained. Law enforcers launched criminal proceedings under Part 3 of Article 276 (violation of safety rules and operation of railway, water or air transport) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction of the article provides for imprisonment for a term of five to ten years.

40 Ukrainian military servicemen have been promoted to generals since the beginning of the ATO in Donbas, according to the Defense Ministry. To date, there are 104 generals serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

43 people were killed in a massive car accident in France, foreign media reported.

57 observers from 25 member states of the Council of Europe comprised a delegation of observers to the local elections in Ukraine by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. On election day, 24 teams observed the voting process in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Ternopil, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Poltava, Rivne and Melitopol.

70 amber diggers were detained by police in Volyn region, according to the local division of the Interior Ministry.

73.8% of Ukrainians said they would not sell their votes in the local elections, according to a sociological survey conducted by Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and Kyiv International Institute of Sociology.

81 companies joined the initiative of the President of the United States for businesses on combatting climate change, foreign media reported. Together, these companies promise to allocate over $160 billion for the various initiatives. These funds will go to programs such as the reduction of water consumption, reduction of net deforestation to a zero level, and reaching a 100% clean energy industry.

89.9% is an updated approval rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin, published by Russia’s Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

Hersonissos (Crimea) / Wikipedia

220 locations in annexed Crimea and Sevastopol were attributed to federal objects of cultural heritage by a decree of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Russian media reported. In turn, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine claims that this illegal decision of the Russian authorities is contrary to international law.

The cyber security experts from SouceDNA have revealed 256 malicious applications in an online Apple Store, able steal users' personal data, foreign media reported.

370 people have been killed since the beginning of the Russian air strikes in Syria (September 30), according to foreign media. UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported citing its sources on the ground that at least 446 people were killed in Russian air strikes in Syria, a third of them - civilians.

409.3 kilometers of Ukraine’s border with Russia in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas is not controlled by Kyiv government, according to the State Border Service of Ukraine.

800 Ukrainian servicemen are still reported missing, according to the Security Service of Ukraine. 148 Ukrainians remain in militant captivity.

908 settlements across Ukraine require renaming in the framework of the legislation on de-communization, according to the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory, Ukrainian media report.

Russian Air Force has made 934 sorties during Russia’s military campaign in Syria, according to the Defense Ministry of Russia. The authorities reported that the Russian Air Force destroyed 819 terrorist targets on the ground. At the same time, the British Embassy in the Russian Federation noted that 85% of Russian air strikes in Syria did not target the ISIL, but the opposition – the Free Syrian Army, which opposes the current president Bashar al-Assad.

The Russian-controlled militants have not allowed passage of 16,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid from international organizations into the occupied territories of Donbas, said Iryna Gerashchenko, Ukrainian President’s Envoy for the peaceful settlement of the crisis in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

The US Defense Department plans to cut 40,000 jobs by the end of 2017, foreign media reported.

$365,000 was paid at a New York auction for a valid copy of Enigma, WWII-era German cipher machine, according to foreign media. This is a record price for this type of machines, which were produced in the amount of nearly 1,500 pieces.


680,928 refugees arrived in Europe through the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of the year, according to the International Organization for Migration. 3,138 people died at sea while trying to reach Europe.

2.642 million citizens of Ukraine are in the Russian Federation, to date, according to the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation. They were obliged to report on their “legal status” before November 30.

3.8 million Ukrainian families have applied for subsidies for housing and communal services, according to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. Subsidies have already been assigned to 3.5 million families.

The Kremlin’s military campaign in Syria can cost approximately $4 million a day, as estimated by the analysts from the UK-based think tank Jane's Infromation group (IHS Jane's), foreign media reported.

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