1,500 people took part in the Equality March in Kyiv / Photo from UNIAN

Week in numbers

Russia is building a new military base near Belarus for "protection" from Ukraine; 14 journalists, including those who volunteered for the army, have died in Donbas throughout the Anti-Terrorist Operation; 1,500 participants joined the Equality March in Kyiv.

1,500 people took part in the Equality March in Kyiv / Photo from UNIAN

One new Russian military base is being built near Belarus for "protection" from Ukraine, according to the Russian Ambassador to Belarus, Alexander Surikov.

Two years of disqualification starting from January 26 2016 is what Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova gets for the use of performance-enhancing drugs, according to the official website of the International Tennis Federation.

Three Ukrainians died in a road accident in Poland, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. A total of seven people were injured in a car crash involving a vehicle with the Ukrainian plates.

3.8% of GDP may be the share of state expenditures for housing subsidies, said Oleksandr Danylyuk, Ukraine’s finance minister. According to Berlin Economics and McKinsey, the cost of payments of housing and utility subsidies in 2017 may increase from UAH 35 billion in 2016 to UAH 80 billion in 2017.

10 years in a high-security penal colony – that is the verdict of the de-facto court in Simferopol in the Russian-occupied Crimea for the "murder attempt against Berkut police task force troops” during the EuroMaidan protests in Kyiv in 2014 issued against Andriy Kolomiets, according to Ukrainian media.

11 people were killed and at least 36 were injured in an explosion at a bus stop in Istanbul, foreign media reported.

14 journalists, including those who volunteered for the army, have been dkilled in Donbas throughout the period of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, said Rada Speaker Andriy Parubiy.

17 people were killed and 22 injured in the shootout in Aktobe (Kazakhstan), foreign media reported. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 13 terrorists attacked the gun shop, which resulted in 4 casualties. Kazakh authorities have called the incident a terrorist act). Seven terrorists remain at large.

30%-50% of top level executives of police departments across the Ukrainian regions have failed certification tests, according to the Department of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

34% of Russians believe that the Ukrainian pilot and MP Nadia Savchenko had to serve full prison term in Russia, according to the survey by Levada-Center. Interestingly, in late May, 48% of the Russians shared this opinion.

35 people were injured in clashes between the Russian and English fans in Marseille before the Euro 2016 match of the two national teams, foreign media reported. Four people were seriously injured.

42% of Russian companies' top managers are going to emigrate, according to a study by a headhunting company Agency Contact, Russian media reported.

60 days of detention with the right to a UAH 5.512 million bail was the  ruling of the Primorskiy district court in Odesa against deputy head of Mykolaiv Regional State Administration Mykola Romanchuk, who is suspected of receiving a bribe.

60% of Ukrainian citizens consider Ukrainian their native language, 15% - Russian, 22% - Ukrainian and Russian at the same time. 2% of respondents stated other languages as their native, according to a survey conducted by the Razumkov Center conducted in all regions of Ukraine, except Crimea and the occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions in December 2015.

75% of Russians believe that Russia should continue with its current foreign policy, despite the sanctions of Western countries, according to the results of a survey by Levada-Center.

113 Ukrainian citizens remain in a militant captivity in Donbas, said Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko. At the same time, according to the adviser to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Yuriy Tandit, 112 Ukrainian citizens are being held hostage by the militants, while another 10 people are being held illegally on the territory of Russia.

125 kg of TNT was seized from a Frenchman detained at the Ukrainian-Polish border / SBU

125 kg of TNT, five Kalashnikov rifles, more than 100 electric detonators, two RPG-7 grenade launchers and 18 shots to them were seized from a Frenchman, detained at the Ukrainian-Polish border, who could plot terrorist attacks during UEFA Euro-2016 in France, as the Ukrainian law enforcers believe, the SBU has reported.

148 criminal proceedings comprise today’s load of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau investigators, according to the Bureau’s chief, Artem Sytnik. According to him, 15 cases have been forwarded to court, of which eight regard the officials of the judicial branch. Another 35 persons have been issued suspicions.  

155 regular flights to Cuba per week is a target plan of six U.S. air carriers, which have received the correspondent permits from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

166 inspections in 73 banks (legal entities) and another 13 separate branches were carried out by the National Bank of Ukraine in 2015, the NBU reported.

340 victims of Russian aggression in the ATO zone (both military and civilian) will go through a rehabilitation with the assistance of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, according to the minister of youth and sports, Ihor Zhdanov.

347 bank accounts of terrorists were blocked by the Ukrainian IT-volunteers who call themselves The Ukrainian Cyber Army, the organization claims. Nearly $13 million in various currencies has been locked in these accounts with no chance of recovery, the Ukrainian hacktivists claim.

700 projects in 20 regions of Ukraine will be financed through the State Regional Development Fund, according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers. UAH 2.57 billion will be allocated for this purpose.

UAH 1,043 per 1 Gcal from July 1 will be a weighted average rate of central heating, according to the decision of Ukraine’s energy regulator. Thus, the tariffs will almost double.


1,294 soldiers have died since the beginning of the ATO in non-combat incidents (car crashes, suicides, homicides, accidents). 405 troops have died due to illness, according to the Military Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine.

Equality March in Kyiv / Photo from UNIAN

1,500 people walked the Kyiv streets in an Equality March on Sunday, according to the National Police of Ukraine. 5,500 police officers ensured public order at the event as well as 1,200 soldiers of the National Guard of Ukraine. 57 people were detained and 10 administrative offenses were registered by law enforcers.

8,000 people have no access to drinking water in Donbas in the area of Berezove-Dokuchaivsk, according to the OSCE special monitoring mission.

UAH 9,500 is the expected salary of Ukrainian border guards after the wage raise, the agency’s press secretary Oleh Slobodyan said.

83,000 Palestinians will not be able to visit Israel during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, according to foreign media. The Israeli authorities suspended entry permits after the shootout, allegedly organized by the Palestinians in the center of Tel Aviv, which killed four and wounded another 16 people.

90,000 police officers, soldiers and private guards will be protecting public order in France during the Euro- 2016 football cup, said the chief of French police, Michel Cadot. 1.5 million fans are expected to attend the Euro-2016 venues in France.

32 million passwords and accounts of Twitter users have been stolen and put up for sale, according to foreign media. The attacker wants to get for a stolen database 10 Bitcoins (about $5,800).

UAH 441.9 million from the beginning of 2016 has been the revenue of the state budget of Ukraine from the lease of state property, as reported by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

EUR 2 billion can be a profit of the Union of European Football Associations from the increased number of participant teams and football matches during Euro-2016, which started in France on June 10, foreign media reported.

9.254 billion cubic meters of gas has been pumped into the Ukrainian underground storage facilities as of early June, Ukrtransgaz reported.

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