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Tymoshenko receives summons to Prosecutor's General Office (Update)

08.09.2008 | 13:12

The Prime Minister already knows the date...

Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Tymoshenko claims she has received a summons to appear in the Prosecutor’s General Office on September 11.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, she claimed this to a press conference in Kyiv today.

“As of today, as a result of all these actions [the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) turned to PGO to investigate into facts of high treason as if committed by the Prime Minister - UNIAN], they promptly opened cases against the head of my secretariat, against the head of my service, against the Prime Minister, against a large number of people working in the government”, she said.

The Prime Minister also stressed that after President’s Chief of Staff Victor Baloha accused her of high treason, she was put under round-the-clock surveillance.

“I’ve been shadowed twenty-four-hour for many months already after all those terrible statements. I don’t have any immunity. I received a summons to appear in the Prosecutor’s General Office on September 11. As of today, many of my conversations have been bugged, which confirms all these actions”, Yulia Tymoshenko stressed.

According to her, she also has got information that deputies of the Prosecutor General were put under pressure for they bring a criminal case against the Prime Minister.

“In fact, pressure is put upon some deputies of the Prosecutor General. They were proposed that if they bring a criminal case against the Prime Minister, the President will propose their candidacies for the post of the Prosecutor General”, Yulia Tymoshenko said.

The Prime Minister pointed out that, for any politician, such unfounded accusations would become a reason to quit the coalition.

At the same time, she stressed that she “was, is, and will be in the democratic coalition”.

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