Our entire UNIAN team is infinitely grateful to our readers, clients, and advertisers for being with us for the last seven years. Back in 2014, UNIAN's English version emerged as a response to our country's greatest challenge of that period – a hybrid war Russia unleashed against Ukraine. At that time, Ukraine had no voice of its own in the international media space, loud enough to be heard in the West and East. We tried to give our Homeland such a voice. It seems to us that the effort was a success.

Over the past years, we have published in English, the international language of communication, our verified, reliable information reports about the general situation in Ukraine, Crimea, and in the east of the country, in particular, in opposition to Russia's propaganda machine. We wish to believe we have succeeded in this regard and helped our home country convey the truth to millions around the world at the times most critical to our country.

Видео дня

We are really pleased to have been able to earn our readers' trust and gain a good reputation among the Western media, political decision-makers, and, most importantly, the general public.

For the time being, we believe that UNIAN's English-language version, in the form in which it has prevailed throughout these years, has exhausted itself. And now is the time to consider a new concept and product format.

Therefore, today is the last day the UNIAN in English news feed you've all grown used to is updated. In the near future, all information products by UNIAN will be available only in Ukrainian and Russian.

We thank you, our dear Friends, for being with us and reading us. We don't bid farewell, we hope to come back to you as soon as possible!