Photo from UNIAN / by Volodymyr Hontar

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has set the official forex rate for September 24 at UAH 28.19 to the U.S. dollar, which let the country's national currency strengthen by one kopiyka.

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Regulator's rate

Видео дня

The central bank has fixed the following official forex rates of the hryvnia against key foreign currencies for September 23:

US$100 will be quoted at UAH 2,818.74 (UAH 2,820.59 as of September 23);

EUR 100 will be quoted at UAH 3,296.09 (UAH 3,311.51 as of September 23).

Interbank rate

By 16:00 Kyiv time on September 23, hryvnia quotations against the dollar on the interbank forex market settled at UAH 28.23/28.25 to the dollar, while those against the euro were at UAH 32.98/33.00.

Forex rate for September 23

The National Bank set the official forex rate for September 23 at UAH 28.2059 per U.S. dollar.

Thus, the country's national currency remained almost unchanged compared to the previous day, September 22, when the official rate was set at UAH 28.2022 per U.S. dollar.