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Six judges of the Constitutional Court are now blocking its work, putting forward a demand to ensure participation in hearings of the Court's chair Oleksandr Tupytsky who was earlier dismissed.

That's according to the Verkhovna Rada's envoy to the CCU, Olha Sovhiria, who posted the relevant comment on Telegram.

Read alsoSearches reported at Constitutional Court judge's house – mediaThe Court was expected to consider these days cases on healthcare reform, pensions for civil servants, as well as the state status of Ukrainian language.

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"Unfortunately, the hearing of cases launched through the relevant constitutional submissions never took place as the Court's work is being blocked by six judges. The main and only motive for the blocking was the demand to ensure Tupytsky's participation in court hearings, who, by presidential decree [...] was dismissed from the post of CCU Judge," she explained.

Constitutional crisis in Ukraine

  • The investigation established that in October 2018, in one of the diners in Kyiv, Tupytsky, who at that time served as deputy CCU chairman, bribed a witness in a criminal proceeding.
  • The witness was supposed to drop his testimony or provide a doctored one in favor of the former chairman of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, who was a suspect in the case in question.
  • Also, the investigation says Tupytsky in 2018 and 2019 gave false testimony three times in favor of the former chairman of the Supreme Economic Court in the case of unlawful seizure of property of the Zuivsky Energy-Mechanical Plant in the town of Zuhres, Donetsk region.
  • He is accused of providing a false testimony and bribery of a witness.
  • If proven guilty, Tupytsky faces up to five years in prison.
  • President Volodymyr Zelensky first dismissed Tupytsky from the position of CCU Judge before signing a decree canceling presidential decrees of 2013 on Tupytsky's appointment as CCU Judge. The president branded him "someone who has for years been working to the detriment of Ukraine's state interests."