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Parliament secretly increased its financing by 100 millions

15.06.2009 | 13:27

The move was supported by 331 lawmakers

The Verkhovna Rada has secretly increased its financing by almost 100 million hryvnias, Delo daily reads.

In the end of the last week, Verkhovna Rada Speaker V.Lytvyn sent for signing to President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko the law on changes in the state budget-2009. The document was initiated by the Cabinet of Ministers, which proposed to finance a number of social expenses (in particular, providing those ill with diabetes with insulin) at the expense of the increased excise duty on beer (nearly 300 million hryvnias). However, during the voting, lawmakers introduced an amendment into the law and increase the Verkhovna Rada’s budget by 97 million hryvnias. The move is absolutely contrary to statements of lawmakers about the necessity of total economy and reduction of expenses on the officialdom.

In January, lawmakers trimmed their financing by 118 million hryvnias, compared with the year 2008. At first, the parliament saved on details: they reduced the number of guards of parliamentary buildings and expenses on telephone conversations. Later, under the pressure of government, lawmakers trimmed their salaries.

The amendments to the state budget were supported by 331 lawmakers.

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