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VR approved structure of Cabinet of Ministers (update)

11.03.2010 | 15:38

240 out of 353 lawmakers registered...

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine approved the resolution "On forming of the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine”.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, 240 out of 353 lawmakers registered in the session hall voted for this decision.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appointed Andriy Klyuev First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine. Borys Kolesnikov, Volodymyr Seminozhenko, Volodymyr Syvkovych, Victor Slauta, Serhiy Tigipko and Victor Tihonov are appointed Vice Prime Ministers of Ukraine.

The Verkhovna Rada appointed:

Victor Boyko – Environmental Protection Minister of Ukraine;

Yuriy Boyko – Fuel and Energy Minister of Ukraine;

Konstyantyn Yefimenko – Transport and Communications Minister of Ukraine;

Dmytro Kolesnikov – Industrial Policy Minister of Ukraine;

Mykhaylo Kulynyak – Culture and Tourism Minister of Ukraine;

Oleksandr Lavrynovych – Justice Minister of Ukraine;

Zinoviy Mytnyk – Health Minister of Ukraine;

Anatoliy Mogilev – Interior Minister of Ukraine;

Vasyl Nadraga – Labour and Social Policy Minister of Ukraine;

Oleksandr Popov – Housing and Communal Services Minister of Ukraine;

Mykola Prysyazhnyuk – Agrarian Policy Minister of Ukraine;

Ravil Saffiulin – Family, Youth and Sport Minister of Ukraine;

Dmytro Tabachnyk -  Education and Science Minister of Ukraine;

Anatoliy Tolstouhov – Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

Vasyl Tsushko – Economics Minister of Ukraine;

Fedir Yaroshenko – Finance Minister of Ukraine;

Volodymyr Yatsuba – Regional Development and Building Minister of Ukraine;

Yuriy Yashchenko – Coal Industry Minister of Ukraine;

Nestor Shufrych - Minister of Emergencies and Affairs of Population Protection from the Consequences of Chornobyl Catastrophe of Ukraine;

Konstyantyn Hryshchenko – Foreign Minister of Ukraine;

Mykhaylo Yezhel – Defense Minister of Ukraine.

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