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Hrytsenko refused to sign statement of opposition

13.11.2012 | 11:48

The 3rd number of electoral list of the Batkivshchyna United opposition, leader of the “Civil position” party Anatoliy Hrytsenko did not sign the statement of the oppositional forces concerning further joint actions, but he is about to fulfill it in the new parliament.

Hrytsenko refused to sign statement of opposition

He wrote this in his blog at his personal web site.

“Opposition will go the VRU and will act in accordance with the “Joint statement of actions of oppositional forces”, adopted by the Batkivshchyna, UDAR and Svoboda today. I did not sign this document because I offered another action plan, but it was not supported”, added the leader of the “Civil position”.

“However, the decision was made and we will fulfill it. Life will show whether this decision was right…”, added the leader of the “Civil position”.

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