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24.4% of Ukrainians ready to support Yanukovych at presidential election

27.12.2007 | 15:06

According to results of a poll

If the election of the President of Ukraine took place on the nearest Sunday, some 24.4% of citizens would support Victor Yanukovych for this post.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, these are the results of the poll, carried out by FOM-Ukraina company, director general Oleksandr Buhalov of the company presented the results in Kyiv today.

Some 19.8% of citizens would support Yulia Tymoshenko, some 12.7% of respondents would vote for Victor Yushchenko. At the same time, some 15.1% of those polled could not answer and some 7.9% of respondents would vote against all.

The poll also indicated that some 60% of Ukrainians do not approve of the actions of current President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko.

Some 31.5% of respondents assess positively the actions of the head of state. Some 8.5% of those polled could not answer the question.

The research was carried out during December 14-23 by the interview method. 2 thousand respondents from 160 settlements of Ukraine took part in the poll. The error margin makes up 2.2%. 

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