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Tymoshenko refused to execute gas agreements of Presidents

06.03.2008 | 17:15

She addressed President Viktor Yushchenko via an official letter

Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko have addressed President Viktor Yushchenko via an official letter, notifying him that the cabinet wouldn’t execute gas agreements he had reached with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Kommersant daily reports.

The government, Tymoshenko said, wouldn’t yield to buying Russia’s gas at $315.6 per a thousand cu meters and paying in advance for it. What’s more, the cabinet opposes creation of Naftogaz-Gazprom venture that would sell gas in Ukraine.

At the February 12 meeting, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yushchenko agreed on the new terms for the gas supplies to Ukraine. The presidents decided to replace Rosukrenergo and Ukrgazenergo by two new intermediaries, creating them as joint ventures of Gazprom and Naftogaz.

Naftogaz hasn’t paid for Russia’s gas consumed in January and February and supplied with no contracts concluded to the effect. In an effort to set the process into motion, Gazprom halved gas supplies to Ukraine early this week but had to resume the deliveries last night without any material concessions made by Ukraine.

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