27 October 2016

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Liechtenstein unfreezes assets of Ukrainian judge suspected of corruption

CHF 13 million in bank accounts that were frozen on July 23, 2015 will become accessible to the Ukrainian judge charged with money laundering, Ukraine Today reported citing Deutsche Welle.


Robert Wallner, Prosecutor General of Liechtenstein July 18 said that the court decided to lift the freeze on Ukrainian judge's accounts, because Ukrainian law enforcement authorities didn't provide any proof his money was obtained through illegal means, according to Ukraine Today. 

"The judge lifted the freeze on the money with our consent", Robert Wallner declared.

Artur Yemelianov, judge of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, and his wife were beneficiaries of the offshore company, registered in Panama. They are both suspected of corruption.

Poroshenko signs Constitutional amendments on judiciaryLiechtenstein law enforcement agencies state the illegality of funds has to be proved by the country, where the illegal money was gained. The Ukrainian party claims it didn't receive any legal information from Liechtenstein, which would allow Ukraine to provide evidence on the suspect's money laundering schemes.

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