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Ukrainian Air Force carried out the most large-scale training of fighting aircraft

06.09.2007 | 12:03

45 battle launches of missiles were carried out

The Air Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out the most large-scale training of fighting aircraft during September 4-5.

      UNIAN was told about this by Defense Minister of Ukraine Anatoliy Hrytsneko.

      “The most large-scale, during the whole 16 years of the Ukrainian independence, training of fighting aircraft, which defends our air space, was carried out during September 4-5”, A.Hrytsenko said.

      According to him, they fulfilled 45 battle launches of “air-air” missiles, out of them 22 during the day and 23- at night. 35 pilots confirmed their high skills during the training.

      A.Hrytsenko stressed that all 100% of air targets were hit.

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