23 October 2016

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Wikileaks publishes emails from Turkey's ruling party in response to Erdogan's purge

WikiLeaks has said on its website it releases the first part of the emails from Turkey's ruling AKP party, which is the political force behind the country's president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.


The emails come from "", the AKP's primary domain, reads a statement on the organization's website.

The most recent was sent on July 6, 2016. The oldest dates back to 2010. It should be noted that emails associated with the domain are mostly used for dealing with the world, as opposed to the most sensitive internal matters.

The material was obtained a week before the attempted coup. However, WikiLeaks "has moved forward its publication schedule in response to the government's post-coup purges."

"We have verified the material and the source, who is not connected, in any way, to the elements behind the attempted coup, or to a rival political party or state," reads the statement.

According to media reports, Wikileaks had to fight off numerous cyber attacks to proceed with the publication of material sensitive to Turkey's authorities.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks tweeted that it had "won our 24h cyberwar," and released the documents. It then said it was still coming under cyber-attacks that it was "winning, on and off," according to CNBC.

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