UNIAN has turned to Russian satirist writer Victor Shenderovych with a request to comment on the information of The New York Times, which accused RF Prime Minister Vladimir Putin of plagiarism.

The satirist did not limit himself to a mere commentary. He wrote the following on his personal web site:

The answer:

Видео дня

They called me from the enemy country of Ukraine and asked to comment on the information of The New York Times, which wrote that our valorous Premier Putin, when he was writing his thesis in the year 1997, just within a few hours before he became world popular, friendly borrowed 16 pages without attribution from a 1978 American business school textbook called “Strategic Planning and Policy,” by David I. Cleland and William R. King of the University of Pittsburgh.

What should I comment on in this case? What`s all the fuss about? What caused all this? Considering all the things that were not watched around the Baltic steamship line and were thoughtfully picked up and laid up by state official Vladimir Vladimirovich, just to prevent the things from spoiling – those poor 16 pages of ownerless infidel text are merely nothing!

Was it worse for Pittsburgh that a thought has occurred to the cold mind of a Russian official to earn a clever degree with his clean hands without straining himself? And you are now trying to undermine the trust of the Russian nation to its Premier.

The trust, which was not undermined even with Baykalfinancegroup and Beslan.

You’re mean-spirited and bad. We were right not to give you gas.